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A few years ago, it was extremely hard to contact those women who are from Russia or Ukraine. Most of the sites where unprofessionally designed and there were so many technical troubles while using them. So, men from other countries prefer to use better resources. As for now, the situation has greatly changed and the quality of dating industry in Russia is as high as in Europe and sometimes even better.
So, if you have been dreaming about real relations with charming Slavic ladies, now is the best opportunity and chance for you. Moreover, there are no boundaries and restrictions. Russian women are more familiar with the foreign culture and lots of ladies have already married husbands from European countries. So, usually they know what to expect when having relations with foreigners.
In this article you will find out about one of the best service that offers communication with Russian and Ukrainian beauties. Interested? Then continue reading this review.

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Based on 5 ratings

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Brides4love review 

Bride4love was created as a reliable resource where you can easily contact the most beautiful ladies and build serious relations with them. The gallery of these charming women is huge, so everyone can find any kind of relations online. 

This is a lead international platform that unites people and hearts. The site’s administration guarantees that the percentage of successfully married couples is a way higher on Bride4love then on other dating resources. 

A cool atmosphere of safety and support is something that every newcomer notices at once. Moreover, because of the variability of chatting tools, you have some options to choose from for your special case and situation. For instance, there is a possibility to send gifts, use video-chatting and usual online communication. 

Furthermore, there is a wonderful support team that helps to make this enjoyable dating process even better. They can assist in every difficult situation and solve any problem in less than a minute. So, don’t hesitate and contact them whenever you need such kind of assistance. These experts work 24/7 in order to create the most unforgettable experience for every client. 

How to chat with Charming Russian women? 

Communication with ladies on the site may be done in 4 different ways such as Correspondence, video chatting, gifts and flowers sending, and usual live chatting. There are not as many options as you might expect, but it is enough to find out about the person more and start this fantastic online relation.

The first mentioned method such as writing a letter may be considered like a first step to initiate communication with all the ladies that you liked. This is also extremely quick and effective variant for sending messages. 

The next popular option is live chatting. It functions when both you and your partner is online in such a way you can communicate in real time. Moreover, you can communicate with several women at a time. 

And of course, nothing can be more emotional than video conversation when you can see your beloved lady and notice her gestures and moves. It is almost like real interaction; however there are hundreds of kilometers apart. This variant is considered to be the most effective when comparing with other tools for communication. 

And the last, but not the least according to the importance is gift sending. Nothing can be better than surprise your lady with unexpected present. There is a long list of things which you can choose from such as chocolates, flowers, and lots of others. So, that a woman will understand that you are seriously planning relation and showing this in any possible way. 

So, there is nothing extremely difficult just choose a desirable partner and start interacting in the most convenient way for both of you. 

Real comments from the users 

“Brides4love is a standard online dating platform with the only difference that you can communicate with Russian and Ukrainian ladies. As for me, I had no troubles or misunderstandings while signing up and chatting with charming girls, everything seemed so simple and intuitive that any users will feel comfortable. I definitely recommend this dating resource for all who are interested in Russian beauties.”

“I haven’t found my love yet, but I had met lots of good friend online. Generally, I like the functionality of this site so much. After using it for several months already, I have only good impression about it.”

Prices on the dating site  

To start with, the signing up process is free of charge and anyone can start exploring this wonderful resource without any spending. Also, there are a couple of features which you can use for free, they are viewing photos and receiving messages from the members. 

Other tools for communication are paid once. Such features include video chatting, usual chatting, and messages. All the costs are related to coins, so it is needed to purchase them in order to communicate without any boundaries and restrictions. 

There are available various methods for money transactions such as Discover, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. Everything that is connected with purchasing coins is so simple and intuitive, just login and press the button “purchase coins”. The currency will immediately appear in the account. 

Is Brides4love considered to be a safe platform?  

This dating website is considered to be really secure place with lots of methods of protection and safety measures.

A thing which you can be sure in is the reality of all the registered users. You can be 100 percent sure that any lady you are chatting with is a real person with serious intentions to find meaningful relations online. Every woman is checked before the signing up, there are a few things which are checked - marital status, relationship intentions, age, and whether or not this lady has kids. So, every profile contains only real information and this is regularly checked and updated. Moreover, if online system notices any money requests from women, such a user will be immediately removed from the platform.  

Also, all the personal information is protected so that nobody can access any sort of info which you leave on this dating resource. Everything is absolutely confidential and secure. As you see, there are implemented all the methods in order to protect clients from any suspicious activity on the site. 

Can I be 100 percent sure that lady is interested in relations, but not in the material wellbeing? 

The question is so controversial and no one can answer you for sure what to expect from a lady from different cultural background. Even when you are communicating with a close friend you cannot be sure in anything at all. So, what to expect from a totally strange person from another country?

When talking more about the practical recommendations for you to be sure at least in something, you should definitely organize a real date. There you will understand the person more. Usually, after a few dates or real meetings, you may have a sort of confidence in this person and relationship in general. 

Summing up

Brides4love is a wonderful internet resource with only Russian and Ukrainian women in the catalogue. This dating platform has the best possible atmosphere for sincere communicate and online relations with ladies. As for the prices, they are also rather reasonable and there is no need to worry about this factor too much. And of course, a security and clients’ protection is on the highest possible level which is also a major plus for Brides4love.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • InnovationFeatures


  • ServicesVariety


  • Scam


  • Free photoaccess


  • Free messagesending


  • Two-way videochat



  • Large base of profiles, affordable price.
  • Not a very user-friendly interface of the site. There are scam profiles.
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User reviews (5)

Nov 01, 2022 at 7:48 PM

Two + years active on this site I was.15 girls with over 900 + minutes EACH, of text chat I did.15 girls x 900 minutes chat = $50,000 USD$50,000 USD spent on this site for chat coins during the 2+ years with 15 girls.Only ONE (ONE!!) of the girls agreed to give me her contact information!!!As this girl and I continued our chat using 'WhatsApp' she confessed to me she was a past manager of one of your “agencies” in her city. She told me the girls get paid to chat, and most often the person in the text chat it is not the girl in the photos on the “Confirmed Profile”.She said to me often times it could a man who is pretending to be the girl in a chat.She said this is why the girls do not do “cam chat” because I was not actually chatting with the girl in the photo and I would not be seeing the profile girl on Cam Chat.I told her that I suspected some girls (men?) using cam chat were fake and used recorded video and played in an endless loop video. This was because day after day on cam chat with the few girls who had cam chat, many girls wore the same clothing (very strange for a woman). And it was obvious during cam chat that the girl was texting while not typing, and typing when I saw no text. It was also obvious to me that the cam video repeated itself. When I asked the girl to blow me a kiss or wave hello to me on cam, she became very angry and REFUSED me. This one girl I have communicated with that I mentioned above confirmed my suspicions!This is why the girls refuse to exchange contact information, because they (someone) gets PAID to chat. For as long as they chat on your Brides4love site the girl MAKES money! There is no motivation for girls to release her contact information, and no reason for her to have a REAL meeting. She is on the Brides4love site ONLY to scam men and make MONEY!This is not a “Brides 4 Love” site, this is a “Women scamming men 4 money” site.$50,000 USD spent on this site by me for chat coins during the 2+ years with 15 girls.Only ONE of the girls agreed to give me her contact information!!!The 'Brides4Love' company makes MONEY $ while the girls chat and refuse to exchange contact information or meet for REAL. The 'Brides4Love' agencies in all the cities make MONEY $ while the girls chat and refuse to exchange contact information or meet for REAL. And the girls make MONEY $ while the girls chat and refuse to exchange contact information or meet for REAL.The men on this site get scammed out of their money and Brides4love, the agencies and the girls all make money.It means NOTHING that the girls are a “Confirmed Profile”. If they are a “confirmed” profile, there is no proof that after the “conformation” that the girl who is chatting is the girl in the profile. And since the girls REFUSE on “live” cam to wave hello or blow a kiss, the girl is NOT live on cam.It is ALL FRAUD!$50,000 USD spent on this site for chat coins during the 2+ years with 15 girls.Only ONE (ONE!!) of the girls agreed to give me her contact information!

Darryl D Morris
Sep 11, 2021 at 9:02 PM

This is as any other dating website for guys to virtually meet foreign ladies. But as with all the sites this one is no different. The ladies seem nice and polite with a hint of eagerness in their messaging. I have talked to several girls on this site and as for the cost to us men it's comparable to other sites and as with other sites I wont say that all profiles are fake but when girls that continually try to get you into chat or to write letters are the one that are also hardly ever offline. So as like other sites these are the profiles that make money for the site and have several different people wrinting to you. I'm sure when this site first got started it was a good place to meet women who truly were looking for the second half. But as for someone who has done the site thing and been to Ukraine several times, your money is better spent on planning a trip to one of the beautiful cities for a week or two. You will spend a small fraction more on the trip and have a much better experiencing the women in country than online.

Oct 02, 2020 at 2:34 PM

This site is inexpensive, there are many wonderful girls here.But the interface of the site is not very user-friendly, thereare many links and sections. It is difficult to find the right window.Also, I have video pages of girls who write in one direction, I did not receive an answer to my questions. I found a girland we talked for over a month.She was interesting and clever,but then our conversationturned to the level of requests for help.I didn’t send her money and advised me to find another field of activity,but she was naughty to me and put me in the block.

Mar 19, 2020 at 2:35 PM

I blocked my page because many girls were very annoying here. I didn't answer and they continued to write some nonsense.

Feb 08, 2020 at 7:35 PM

After registering, I received many letters from different girls, there were more pleasant words and compliments. I wrote them answers and received new letters with words of love. I did not understand when love came to us, but I left such a site.

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