Chinese girls are becoming more popular

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There is no wonder that Chinese girls are often perceived as desirable partners. One of the dating apps with 2.4 million users demonstrated it recently. The survey revealed a clear skew in preference for women of East Asian descent and Chinese women, in particular. Men of all racial groups were among the users who wanted to date Chinese mail order brides. Men seeking Chinese brides online can be attracted by Oriental beauty, slender frames, and dark hair. The families are stronger when a man chooses a Chinese girl.

The popularity of online dating continues to grow - most couples today meet online. It has become a widely accepted way to meet a future partner, especially for those who prefer to date Chinese girls. One shouldn’t necessarily deal with international dating services for that. There are many Chinese brides in America, the UK, and other countries. Australia, for instance, enters the list of countries with a high number of registered marriages involving Chinese women.

The explosion of interest in dating services offering Chinese ladies reflects the trends of modern society. The term of ‘mail order bride’ is perceived differently nowadays due to a higher number of online daters. The popularity of Chinese or Vietnam ladies among American men was even reflected in the documentary “Seeking Asian Female”. It is especially noticeable in San Francisco, where more men like to date Chinese girls.

There is a trend in some countries to marry Chinese women. The considerable rates of intermarriage between the Chinese girls and Western white men show excellent social integration. Such a trend was noticed in the UK, for instance. 

Men like the appearance of Asian ladies. They are nice, petite, and dark-haired. But can the attraction be purely physical? There should be something more than that. Typical physical features are paired with some special feeling men experience when they spend time with Chinese ladies. Even when men don’t realize what it is, they subconsciously feel that these girls have a set of traits they need. They are not mistaken. So what exactly attracts them? Let us try to explain why some men prefer to seek out relationships with Chinese ladies.

What makes men select Asian beauties

There are men who are exclusively attracted to women of Asian heritage. Is it a mystery of human behavior? It can be easily explained by genetic predisposition and cultural background. This is normal for a multicultural society to choose the partner of different background. Culture often portrays Asian women as meek and feminine. The lady can be virginal but at the same time yields readily to sexual advances. Whether it’s a distorted portrayal or not (each case is individual), but men get excited over it. In their dreams, Asian women look vulnerable and hyper-sexual. 

Many Western men develop a special affection for Asian and Moldovan women with full understanding why such girls are better than girls from their environment. They start dating Chinese brides online saying that Chinese beauties make better spouses, devoted to family values – something that women in developed countries forgot about in their struggle for equal rights. The attraction is fueled by beliefs that mail order Chinese brides are exotic gentle flowers, attractive, shy, and submissive. The way society sees Chinese women and some stereotypes reflected in culture make them alluring in the eyes of men who want to feel strong near a tender, beautiful belarus girl.

There are multiple reasons why people can be drawn to each other and these reasons in some cases are exceedingly complex. Still, there is a possibility to trace the factors that influence attraction. This is usually a combination of social and biological factors. The man can be attracted to a Chinese girl because he spent a favorable period of his life among people of this ethnicity. He felt happy then and now tries to restore this experience in life bringing a Chinese lady to his life. But the cause can be absolutely different. People are inclined to look for novel and exciting things in life and this refers to relationships as well. They want to feel something they’ve never had before and unusual appearance and cultural differences of Chinese women work fine for such situations.


Top 10 reasons that explain why many men prefer Chinese brides for marriage

Trying not to underestimate the complexity of aspects that make people find each other and live happily together, we will still try to point out things why many men prefer to date Chinese ladies with serious intentions. 

1. Visual attraction

Partially, the Chinese mailorder brides’ popularity is explained by aesthetics. Men find such women attractive and score them highest – this fact was even proved by the study that was arranged by Cardiff University. 

2. Hyper-sexuality

All men like to date sexually free women. Men think that Asian women make better sexual lovers than women from other countries therefore Chinese mail order brides are so popular in the West. The average East Asian woman is more sexually open-minded than a woman from another region. However, the acute sexual preference for East Asian women is not the only thing that attract men. It’s just an added bonus to other their qualities. 

3. Loyalty to family

Chinese women have many merits. Being abundantly loyal to the families, they perform house chores with dedication without complaints. They exert efforts to arrange a clean and comfortable environment for close people even in difficult conditions. 

4. Financial prudence

Even in such periods, they are not demanding towards husbands. Besides, they are very skillful in household financial management. Being overprotective of their kids’ future they do everything to avoid financial troubles. They always think about tomorrow and consider it reckless and wasteful to spend all funds when income is only expected. At the same time, they are very generous towards the members of their family and even strangers. 

5. Excellent housewives

They are excellent housewives and care perfectly about the family. They are also concerned about the health of close people. Being an excellent housewife is a usual thing for a Chinese lady. They always keep everything in order at home and care about all members of the family, cooking delicious meals and cleaning home. Your home will always be a pleasant place to live in. Such a place reduces stress and helps to make everything run smoother in your life. You won’t have to look for misplaced things and won’t suffer from unpleasant dirty dish odor. 

6. Perfect atmosphere at home

The household chores are often a priority for wives of Chinese origin. This feature also contributes to the strength of the family as it helps to maintain a healthy relationship with members of the family. The creation of a perfect home improves the atmosphere in it. This is how Chinese mothers and wives express their love. It’s always nice to return to such a house!

7. Great support for busy husbands

Apart from being a great housewife, a Chinese girl is considerate of her spouse’s needs. Therefore, men can achieve more at his job with a wife like this. Such women are highly recommended for career-oriented men. 

8. Faithfulness

It’s also worth mentioning that Chinese girls worry much about their reputation among peers thus avoiding the situations that can mar their reputation. Probably, it explains why Chinese wives are very faithful. 

9. Lack of competition with men

What Western men like about the Chinese ladies is that they do not try to prove that they are not inferior – the idea that is common among Western women. They just don’t need it. They understand the difference between genders and accept it adequately not trying to compete with men. 

10. Persistence

At the same time, Chinese girlfriends are stubborn but this feature helps them be persistent in everything they do and achieve the desired goals. 

What about the genetic difference?

It is considered that the best mate is someone who is similar to you but the dating history of many people proves the opposite. It makes sense that white men are attracted by Chinese ladies because they are genetically different. And all are aware of the fact that people should avoid genetic relatives due to the risk of mutations in offspring. This won’t be a problem in the marriage of a white Caucasian man with a Chinese woman. 

How culture affects the process of mate selection

The role of culture is incredible in mate selection. Culture has a great impact on patterns of behavior. It implies the way of self-presentations first of all. It’s enough to look at the dating advertisements posted on the pages of the ukraine dating agencies and many other to understand much about the person. The way the person describes own personality, reveals the character and peculiarities of culture.  People disclose different information in the ads but there are things that demonstrate a certain pattern. If the Chinese write often about health, physical appearance, education, financial status, and morality, Americans are more inclined to describe their personalities and hobbies. 

People reveal their personalities when they describe the qualities expected in a prospective mate or the type of relationship they want to have. Undoubtedly, both sides want to establish a positive self-image but the way they understand it differs as well. Here the other problem arises: not all online daters are sincere enough to tell about the real state of things. Some men or ladies describe themselves in a more positive way, while the other side is receptive just because it wants to be this way.

Cultural difference and what the role it plays in dating with Chinese ladies

Chinese culture stands apart from others and it’s full of mystery for Westerners. Its ceremonies and traditions provide a certain vibe to people that were brought up in such surrounding. Being one of the oldest cultures, the country’s population bears the signature of its rich history and it tells on characters of people residing in it. Nothing changes even when they decide to leave the homeland. They stick to their principles and respect the traditions of native culture. Such background makes Chinese women special. They have an easily recognizable image that is valued by men. If you seeking marriage with a Chinese bride, you can find a real treasure! There is a chance to find real beauty and depth of character with a girl like this.

It’s hard to imagine now that there was a period when Chinese parents didn’t allow their children even to talk to foreigners. The culture was closed to the world therefore there were no international couples at that time. Everything is different nowadays and the number of international couples grows fast, especially, between the Chinese and residents of Western countries. Westerners see that Chinese lady is not obsessed with personal freedom. Even if she thinks about the career-building, it is never more important than family to her. Taking into account modern trends, men long for such an attitude and dream of creating a family with someone who will value it much. It doesn’t mean that they expect to find a wife who does home duties only. The main thing is her focus and main priorities. When it’s shifted on a career or personal liberties, the family suffers, as a rule. 

The traditional qualities of sweet Chinese ladies are often promoted on the belarus dating websites that assist westerners to find the girl they like most. One of the properties that men like is the inability to say ‘no’ due to cultural differences. Though men misinterpret it often and regard it differently. They see a sign of romantic interest in this quality. They do not try to dominate over men. This is, certainly, the main benefit highly appreciated by men. 

The stereotypes that established in society help Chinese beautiful brides to find a soulmate with ease. The culture also contributes to this stereotype. The story of love between the American and East Asian woman is always romantic and full of traits that are highly appreciated by men. 

There are women who disagree with the role prescribed by male society to them. They try to object and fight with such perception but mostly East Asian women aren’t bothered. Quite on the contrary, they use such stereotypes to their advantage and at times even play up to the stereotypes. They can be different and demonstrate it often. This is also a very nice feature in women – the capability to surprise is very liked by men.

As for obedience, it was formed this way traditionally. In accordance with traditions all Chinese value their ancestors and families. They won’t dishonor their families in some way. 

Though the world goes forward and it tells upon Chinese women as well, the dependence on customs and traditions subsides a little and it can’t be otherwise in modern globalization conditions but still this influence remains strong. Therefore, trying to create a long-lasting family the men look in the direction of Asian women as their mentality and character traits are promising in this respect. 

Tips for men who want to date a Chinese girl

Those who are serious about dating a Chinese girl and even plans to marry her in the future should start learning Chinese and always show respect for Chinese culture. Chinese ladies highly appreciate such an attitude. Your interest in the history and culture of the country will contribute to your image in the eyes of a girl. 

You should also understand that a Chinese girl is less straightforward than the girls you have accustomed to. Some kinds of flirting won’t be accepted by her despite the fact that it may work well with Western girls. Don’t forget about the traits of national character. 

If you want to say a compliment, it’s better to use Chinese for that. It’s important to remember that it’s usual to say pleasant things in Chinese culture – it’s just polite. Therefore, one should be more persistent when making compliments. It won’t be an overestimation. It will just help the girl to understand that this is more than mere politeness. 

Refrain from joking, at least, in the beginning when the relationship is not established yet. The humor is perceived differently in different cultures. For instance, Chinese ladies don’t like when men call them funny or amusing as these worlds are perceived with a negative connotation in a culture. You can call her cute but not amusing. 

Carefully select the subjects for communication. It’s better to avoid talks about your relationships with previous partners as Chinese women don’t like when men treat the relationship as something insignificant. They are against light relationships and when they learn that you had many relationships in the past, this can harm your image in her eyes. 

The characteristics of a typical Chinese girl 

Even the most demanding bachelors from the West are captivated by Asian beauty. The ladies are spectacular and fit but what is more important they have a balanced combination of required qualities. On the one hand, they are family-oriented, but that doesn’t mean that such women don’t have career aspirations. It must be mentioned about one more quality of Chinese that is often left aside as if it’s something isn’t worth mentioning. This is stubbornness. Some would say that this is not that good. However, this feature helps Asian women achieve their goals with ease. They are very talented in everything they do. Being interested in various spheres they have a keen intellect and it’s just interesting and fascinating to talk to them on different subjects.

Every Chinese girl tries to be attractive and feminine. This feature enters the list of obligatory characteristics for all ladies. Additionally, the list includes such virtues as being disciplined, supportive, and friendly. If the girl is a possessor of the qualities mentioned above, she is a real dream for any man. 

It’s worth saying a few words about the appearance of Chinese ladies. They work a lot to achieve the goals and one of these goals is beauty. They try their best to look excellent therefore men are always proud of their Chinese wives. Though the average Chinese girl isn’t tall and medium height just contributes to her image of a tender girl. Also, Chinese ladies are often in good shape even after the birth of children. Most girls from China have slim figures. They also care much about their skin, which is light, soft, and wrinkleless. Even when a Chinese girl lacks something, she doesn’t give up and always tries to compensate a shortcoming with excellent make-up and attire. Do you remember outstanding national costumes and superb outfits of the country? They are so sophisticated and beautiful. It tells upon the girls’ characters who were raised on Chinese traditions and do everything possible to fit. The Chinese are very industrious and obedient. It’s enough to have a look at a fast developing economy of the country to understand that people with such characters can achieve incredible heights. When they run across complications, they overcome them with ease. They pull themselves up to manage almost any imaginable problem. 

Here are a few more traits of a typical girl of Chinese origin: 

  • A Chinese lady feels responsible for a family. She is financially proficient and knows what to do to provide the prosperity of her family. She always takes the right steps and decisions thinking about her children and husband. The man can feel safe for his family when a Chinese woman cares about it. it can be a great option for a businessman who is too busy with work. He needs a woman who runs a household with dedication. There is no choice better than a woman of Chinese origin. This is her main talent and this is in her blood.

  • A man marrying a Chinese woman will have to deal with her family. It may even seem for a man that he marries a family, not just a lady. The bond between the generations is very strong in China. Children always obey their parents and don’t refuse them, as a rule, no matter what the situation is. Chinese parents visit their children often even after they marry and give birth to children. At this, they do not expect some particular reason to make a visit. It’s also worth saying that the Chinese never leave their parents in a nursing home. It is considered very shameful in Chinese culture. Therefore, all children support their parents for the whole life. 

  • When dating a Chinese lady one should know that men in China try their best to be attractive for women. It is explained by the consequences of a demographic policy that was conducted in China. The prohibition to have more than one child affected the demographic situation therefore the number of women for Chinese men is lower. It made Chinese women demanding and, consequently, changed the behavior of men: made them more caring and attentive to women. 

  • Also, men should be ready for a common characteristic of Chinese women – jealousy. Probably, this is explained by the fear of divorce that is negatively perceived by them. They try to learn about the relationships and contacts of their partners. As it was said above, the Chinese ladies are faithful and they expect faithfulness from their partners as well. In Chinese society, cheating is a reason for divorce and when it happens it brings to dishonor in China. 

The best way to find Chinese girls for dating

It can be easier to apply to the international agency that offers an extensive selection of Chinese mail brides. Though there are many ways to find a Chinese partner (there are Chinese communities in many countries on all continents of the world), one of the efficient ways to do it is to apply to the dating agency. Such companies simplify the tiresome process of search considerably. Many dating websites cater to men seeking Asian women.  Men can interact with ladies online via such services or directly after they purchase the package of email addresses of Chinese brides. Sale of contact information provides direct access to ladies that may be liked by men who don’t want to build the relationship via intermediaries. Those who want to contact Chinese mail order brides directly can easily find the list including contacts of Chinese brides for sale. It’s easy to communicate with Chinese ladies who are very friendly and like to chat with men. The main thing is to find a reliable website that delivers a high-quality service, otherwise, it can spoil the experience of search.

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