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What is Loveswans? This is a highly popular website to date with Slavic girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. This article contains all the info on dating site called Loveswans

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Loveswans scam check and the reasons to use it

Slavic wives are very popular in the West. The reason is a different attitude towards marriage and life in general. Slavic woman strives to be feminine and dependent on her husband. She strives for a traditional family and accepts benefits with gratitude. Most of the Slavs also have a spectacular appearance with all this. All these qualities are rare in the West today, and wealthy men from prosperous countries seek such alliances.

LoveSwans is a dating site that helps to fulfill such requests. This is a resource with a focus on dating men from Western Europe, the United States, Canada with women from Slavic countries. Here all the conditions are provided for the new love union to take place and grow stronger.

Next, we will tell you about the features of this resource and help you understand whether it deserves the attention of a wide range of users. We’ll also answer, is Loveswans real or fake way to find your Slavic love.

Brief History and Established Reputation

So, what it Loveswans? The site was founded more than five years ago, and has been active for the entire period of time. The user audience is growing and remains stable all this time. During its existence, many couples have found love here, but there are no clear statistics. New users can get acquainted with real stories of dating, love and marriage on the site.

It is worth noting that the reputation of the site is imperfect. Many users of LoveSwans encountered scam and fakes during use. However, the site is not fraudulent in general. This means that the site administration prevents attempts to cheat as far as possible and seeks to protect the rights of users. Real users, in turn, must be careful in communicating and dating on the site in order to protect themselves. LoveSwans can be used effectively, and that's a fact.

There is user verification for those who have the most serious goals. However, not all real people are verified. Many people do not like to share personal information with third parties, and they can be understood.

First steps

The user can create an account for free to use most of the functions of the site. This is a big positive and negative side at the same time. On the one hand, everyone can evaluate the site’s capabilities without any cash costs. But here the problem of the mass appearance of fakes arises, and this is worth considering.

It is worth adding right away that the site design is very pleasant and friendly for a wide range of users. The usability and functionality of the site is thought out in such a way that users perform personal tasks without additional questions and difficulties. However, full technical support will help resolve issues at any time.

The first screen of the site invites users to register. Initially, the site requires minimal information to start using. A small profile on the main page asks for the name, date of birth of the user, as well as preferences for dating. After entering the email address, the user must confirm the account. When this is ready, the site is completely ready for use.

What to do next? It is worth clarifying the wishes about dating, what the site offers to do in the first place. Each user is provided with a questionnaire with requirements to specify preferences, including appearance, character and needs. This information is taken into account when searching for the most relevant matches. It is worth remembering that the more accurate the request, the more likely it is to find the perfect partner.

Also, the user should answer questions about himself in order to search for the optimal pair was two-way. Otherwise, they will not find a person. Here you can tell about yourself, about your appearance, interests, and also publish a photo.

At the end of the survey, you can start using the service fully. The site will analyze the profile and present the first ten profiles that match the profile as accurately as possible. The user must evaluate them and put down a favor (“heart” sign) to the ones they like. The system will receive more information about preferences in order to work even more accurately in the future. Further, the user can begin to search for partners in the directory actively.

Search for the perfect match

Let’s go for the info on dating site called Loveswans further. As mentioned at the beginning, the site focuses on dating with Slavic women. Here is a large base of relevant women from East Slavic countries, including Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. However, there are many active female users from other post-Soviet countries, along with representatives of countries from around the planet. All of them are interested in meeting with attentive, caring and wealthy men from prosperous countries.

There are two search options. Firstly, the user can open a shared directory and view profiles. This is a sure way to see and compare all the options in principle, but the number of profiles is too large, and such a search method will take a lot of time. Most people have no interest in spending so much time even searching for love.

The second option is more convenient. Love Swans offers a convenient search tool by criteria, which is designed to filter the relevant options for profiles in a matter of seconds. There are two search modes, general and detailed. The general demonstrates the sorting of women by age and region of residence. Detailed allows you to clarify the more significant features of each woman. Here the user needs to specify a maximum of preferences for perfect sorting.

This includes physical parameters, interests, and activities. It is better to fill out a maximum of fields immediately to get a small number of questionnaires at the exit. However, these will be the most accurate user profiles that suit the taste of men. Search further will take a minimum of time.

Suppose a man found an interesting woman. What to do next? He can get acquainted with her profile in more detail, study the entire gallery of personal photos, read the full personal information, and also start communication. For this, mail and chat are available. If desired, you can send a gift, which is sure to attract more attention in the first stage. When communication begins, you can proceed to more specific actions.

Paid account

Most of the functions on the site are free, and you can use LoveSwans comfortably at no additional cost. However, auxiliary paid functions are presented here, which are designed to increase the efficiency of using services.

These features are provided in the form of loans. The user can buy 20 credits for $ 9.99 to gain access to the possibility of sending gifts to women, chatting in the internal chat and so on. The range of paid options is wide enough and makes the user experience voluminous. At the same time, there is no clear structure and system for using loans, and they may end unexpectedly.

There are some other credits’ packs available: 125 credits for $44.99, 250 credits for $69.99, and 750 credits for $149.99.

Security issues

So, Loveswans: legit or scam? If you study Loveswans review opinions, you have to admit that the site has certain security problems. Here you can register without restrictions, and there are enough fake profiles. It is important to be careful when using it, as there are many dubious accounts of women who require money for communication. This is a Loveswans scam and it should be ignored. The site administration seeks to suppress such things, but does this not 100% effectively. Another problem is the large amount of spam from the site. If the user is ready to put up with this problem and be careful about the real options available to girls for dating, then he will receive the success he is counting on.

Mobile version

Love Swans has its own application, which repeats the user-friendly interface and functionality of the site. Everyone will be able to use the site from a mobile device. It is also worth noting a qualitatively optimized mobile version of the site, which works without lags.


What can be said about Loveswans dating site in the end? This is not a complete scam, but there are opportunities to face fraud due to the open user policy of the site. Everyone can avoid problems through their own care.

For the rest, the site provides an open and comfortable space for people to chat, meet and find love. The interface and design are very friendly, and there are plenty of real profiles. Also, a very simple and flexible system for searching users according to preferences is considered a big plus. Sensitive technical support resolves customer issues 24/7. The common Loveswans opinion in quite positive.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


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  • Scam


  • Free photoaccess


  • Free messagesending


  • Two-way videochat



  • Not found.
  • Just a fraudulent site created to get money from gullible men, fake profiles of women who do not remember what you said yesterday. Bad support service.
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User reviews (3)

Jul 08, 2020 at 2:40 PM

I do not recommend this site unless you want to be fooled. The support service will not help you and the girls are constantly demanding money. I left the site after 6 days because I could not find a normal girl for pleasant communication. Everyone has problems and asks for help.

Mar 10, 2020 at 7:41 PM

Awful site. Girls ask for money and then they are rude and block. I will look for something more reliable.

Feb 16, 2020 at 9:41 PM

I wanted to find a Russian bride and opened the page here. My disappointment is still going on because the whole page here is fake. These are not real girls who are looking for a husband, these are employees who receive money for continuing the conversation with each user. The administration writes that you are simply unlucky to find the perfect bride, but you are not. They just cover their employees.

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