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Cupid Dating App


What is most appealing about app is its techy-looking and modern design.

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Based on 3 ratings

EN Dating App Dating App

It has several bold colors including icons and that’s why it’s eye-catchy and flashy. That’s not all, the app has drop-down menus that are very simple to use. That being said, the app provides a great platform to meet singles and make new friends. This app is available for more than 8 million registered members on the platform.

You can sign up or sign in to your existing Cupid account with app. Once you’ve done that, you can start browsing profiles or sending winks instantly. The app comes loaded with Cupid’s Arrow, a feature that let you initiate interaction.

With app, you can customize your profile, for instance, you can add many videos or pictures. In fact, you have an option to tell the potential dates what you’re interested in by filling the ‘About Me’ section.

You can intermingle with members by sending flirts, hugs, winks, laughs and much more. Also, you can opt for a paid membership to send/receive messages or chat. The app is available on iTunes and App Features

  • Members can interact using chat rooms, Cupid’s Arrow, live chats etc.

  • Ability to send winks/flirts/hugs/laughs/messages

  • Send flirty messages/Cupid’s Arrow as icebreakers.

  • Friendly user-interface

  • Search by location, age etc.

  • Ability to like/dislike profiles

  • Receive notification for matches

  • Answer questions/browse profiles/dislike or like profiles and earn a budge.

  • Upload various photos/Images App Prices

The app is available on iTunes (free download). You can sign up, send likes/interests and browse profiles/images for free. To initiate chats and read responses, you’ve to subscribe to your preferred package. Paid members are allowed access to all the app’s features. Price tags of the packages aren’t listed but are disclosed once you’ve purchased one.


The app offers solid matching features to help members track down perfect matches. Free account holders can use the app to browse an unlimited number of profiles. Moreover, notifications or alerts are sent for matches or interests. Once you’ve subscribed to a package, you can use features such as chat rooms, Cupid’s Arrow etc.

Members cannot save searches, though. Also, the app contains many icons that may overwhelm members who aren’t tech savvy. In addition, there are many annoying prompts for paid packages during the signup process. The price tags of the packages aren’t listed making it hard to know the package that would suit your interests.

  • Smooth interface
  • Large base of profiles
  • No Android version
  • Prices are not listed

User reviews (3)

Jul 02, 2018 at 10:55 PM

A friend suggested this to me yet because it worked for them but I cant download or open it because I use an android phone. An update needs to be made to allow android users to be able to download to. I beg to differ by believing this app is good, just stop discriminating against android users. Thank you.

Jun 23, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Why are the price ranges not listed? Is this a money making scheme or legit, where is the honesty in placing the correct pricing so that we can see before subscribing. I am sick and tired of sites that exploit people financially with dishonest gains. We are just trying to find love, not to be bankrupt.

Anita Louise
Jun 01, 2018 at 9:08 PM

I have not subscribed yet to this but the interface looks pretty legit. I like how the app seems just easy to use and operate. There is no pricing howeve, so does that mean that it is free or additional costs apply later? please assist me by clarifiying the price listing.

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