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2,0 is a quite popular dating site that helps western men to find the best ladies from Asia, Latin America and Slavic countries like Russia and Ukraine, fall in love with them and get relationships

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Based on 4 ratings

Visit website quite typical Latin, Asian, Russian women dating site with a chances to find love here

Western men are interested in relationships with women from all over the world. This state of affairs for the Americans, Canadians, and Western Europeans has probably been established in the last century. The reason for this situation is the system of traditions and values of women from different countries.

Women of the Western world today focus on a career and do not strive for traditional family values in the usual sense. They are of little interest to local men for the most part. It is for this reason that those who want to build a strong family and be in union with a woman who takes the care of a man for granted and obligatory choose foreign women. exists just for those men from prosperous countries.

What is the idea behind

This site is intended for men from the USA and other Western countries and women from different parts of the world who dream of finding a spouse from a prosperous country. The puzzle is very simple:

  • a Western man receives a beautiful wife who is aimed at building a family, maintaining a home and taking man's care for granted, with gratitude;

  • a woman gets the opportunity to live in a prosperous country with an attentive, caring and loving spouse who respects her and provides a decent life.

This is a mechanism of human relations that works without fail and love here takes a high place in reality. There is no doubt about it.

ForeighnLadies com provides an opportunity for dating between two categories of people to create relationships, marriage and family. The developers of the site focus on Latin, Asian and Russian (Slavic) girls to meet Western men. Why exactly them? Men in the USA, Canada and other countries are in great demand for them, and this is important. Demand is formed due to a combination of several factors. Among the Latins, Asians and Slavs, a large number of very beautiful and passionate girls. Representatives of many countries dream of living in prosperous countries (girls from Latin America and the Caribbean / China and Southeast Asia / Russia, Ukraine). And representatives of these regions have a different attitude to relations with a traditional family and the dominance of men in marriage.

Therefore, let's delve into the question in more detail. The site offers a lot of interesting things right now, and it is worth discussing immediately to decide on the search for your soulmate (or not). So, let’s make a ForeighnLadies review.

How does it works

The site administration collects large catalogs of Latin, Asian and Slavic girls that men can view. All girls receive help with questionnaires when necessary. They have a clear description of their own interests, hobbies and priorities in relationships, as well as high-quality photos.

A man finds the right girl in the catalog and can start communication with the prospect of developing relations in the future. The administration helps people in every way and, for example, provides translation of texts in the process of correspondence. Not all the girls on the site speak English. Everything is ensured by the provision of paid services that men receive through the purchase of loans on the site.

If everything went smoothly and a potential couple is interested in getting to know each other, then the site administration will help with organizing a personal meeting. When this happens, nothing will prevent the new potential family from continuing a romantic relationship.

Design, registration and the first steps

Let's look around on the main page of the site. meets the user with a fairly minimalistic and restrained design. Nothing distracts the user from key functions, and he will be able to quickly register and start communication here. The site could look more modern in 2020, but even this option looks decent enough. Only some elements look outdated.

The registration mechanism is very simple. The registration form is indicated on the main page of the site. The user must provide a name, email address, website name and password. After confirming the registration, ForeignLadies login is the next step, and then the person can begin discovering the catalog.

All girls are categorized. It is enough to select the desired race or country to view its representatives. The catalogs are large, and the user can go in two ways in search of a second half. He can browse the catalog in full, or adjust the search criteria by distinguishing parameters. The second option saves time. When an interesting girl is found, it's time to move on to communication.

Paid functions

The site exists due to paid services. The user can view profiles completely free of charge, but credit purchase is required to start communication. Loans are sold in packages (the larger the package, the cheaper is 1 loan) and can be exchanged for services of interest.

What opportunities for chatting and dating with girls is provided by

The user can start chatting. Alternatively, correspondence can be conducted in the internal mail. Most girls have their own presentation videos that are designed to help men make choices. These videos are paid and are divided into three categories (Latin, Asian, Russian, respectively).

Among other paid features, it is also worth noting the sending of a gift. The user can send a virtual gift to a girl he likes in order to attract her attention and gain favor during the dating process. If the relationship goes far, the man can count on the contact details of the girl for calls, as well as assistance in organizing a tour to her country for dating.

Management of functions can be implemented in the user account. This is a very simple and convenient tool for working with account balance and contact management.

Mobile version

There is no official application, and there are no future announcements regarding the release. However, the mobile version of the site is convenient enough to use on any gadget. This is easy to verify in practice.


The site administration guarantees complete security and anonymity of users, as well as the confidentiality of their personal data. There are no problems and questions with this.

However, the main debate about the quality of goes in the context of scam. Are customers cheating here? Are there enough real users here?

Let's start from afar. Finding a couple in another corner of the planet is an expensive pleasure in the long run. If you expect to find love in Thailand, Russia or Cuba, and not just nice to chat with girls online, this involves flights, accommodation and gifts. In such conditions, you can’t exchange for false profiles and spend time on poor-quality service in general. does not guarantee a 100% hit on the target, especially when compared with many peers. There are many profiles here, and they look reliable at first glance, but there are doubts when communicating. At the same time, there are many reviews on the Internet from people who are not happy with the site. Some say they have wasted time and money, others are convinced that they were deceived. This information cannot be trusted unequivocally, but it is worth taking into account.

There are chances to find your love here, and people do it. At the same time, the service and the quality of services here seems imperfect. The site should be used at your own risk. In the end, no one bothers you to spend a small amount on loans and chat here with the girls you like for the test. Who knows, maybe a good dating will happen. In another case, you will not lose much.

Conclusion is easy to use and looks decent, but does not have clear advantages over other similar sites. Everything here looks low budget and standard in the context of services and features. The site is worth a try in a trial mode, but adjusted for the fact that there is a chance of not achieving the expected result.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • InnovationFeatures


  • ServicesVariety


  • Scam


  • Free photoaccess


  • Free messagesending


  • Two-way videochat



  • Beautiful girls profiles.
  • This is not a dating site, this is a platform for making money, a bot communicates instead of girls, the administration ignores customer requests, the search filter does not work. Solid scam! Run from this site!
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User reviews (4)

Aug 04, 2020 at 1:19 PM

I have read many negative reviews about this site but so far I am happy with this resource. There are many profiles of beautiful girls from different countries and I dream of starting a relationship with one of them. I wrote many letters and all the girls are happy to answer me. I do not think that this is fake or scammers. Many of them don't complain or ask for money. Maybe the site has other flaws but I haven't found it yet. Sometimes there are failures in the system, but there is a very large flow of people.

May 11, 2020 at 9:18 PM

I wrote to the support service to solve a small problem with filling out a questionnaire and adding a photo to my profile. I didn’t get an answer and waited almost a week for this. I had to leave the site because I don't like this service/

Mar 08, 2020 at 2:18 PM

My attempt to get acquainted here was successful. I thought so because the girl from Belarus was very cool. We talked for almost six months and I was hoping for the continuation of our relationship, but then her page was closed. I had no other contacts to write to her and after a few months I saw that her page was open again, but there was another photo. I think that this site is a scammer who has pages of girls for communication in order to have a constant stream of users. It's a shame that I was paying to use that site.

Dec 08, 2019 at 2:19 PM

After registering, I saw a window about the paid use of the site. I paid, but my friend said that this site is better to use without payment because there are many bots.

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