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By using Russianbridesdate you automatically agree with all the existing terms of the site’s usage. That’s why it is better to read this important part before exploring all the benefits of the dating industry and comparing all the dating resources. If something in these terms seems wrong for you, please don’t use this platform.

While using this site, you agree that all the information which you are reading cannot be shared or sold in any way. It is regulated by the policy of copyright. In case you really need some kind of the uploaded content you’d better contact the site’s administration and discuss such possibility. Otherwise, without permission, you are just violating the law.

As for users’ personal info which is collected during the site’s usage, it is fully confidential. All the data is immediately encrypted and will never be shared anywhere else.  There are lots of new methods which are implemented for your safety. So, you can be sure of your safety and confidentiality of all the mentioned info. 

When speaking about the accuracy of the mentioned info, we are not responsible for the omission of some errors. The point is that all the data which you can review on Russianbridesdate is collected from a huge variety of online resources. As you probably know, info is quickly changed due to a variety of factors. That’s why we guarantee that after the notification about any kind of omission we will change the needed part. Moreover, it is totally impossible to guarantee that all the discussed dating websites are scam free; because of this, you should be really attentive while signing up on any site and check it prior registration.

There is also a possibility to share your own experience and give feedback according to any discussed service or resource. Sure, this kind of information is regularly checked and reviewed, but this is a subjective point of view of a particular user. Our team doesn’t interfere in the process unless this feedback includes some kind of offensive or discriminative content. The accuracy of such a reaction cannot be checked or changed, because it is a subjective opinion.

Please, accept all of the mentioned data as general info and check all the services prior to registration or leaving any kind of personal information there. You should be critical according to everything that you will read on our site or any other. You and only you are responsible for all the financial decisions which you make and for all the money transactions while using any of the mentioned platforms for dating. Moreover, some sort of information may be omitted and you can easily find additional facts or points of view online.

Russianbridesdate guarantees that all the information is safe and will never be shared anywhere else. All the data is used mainly for general statistics. However, some risks always exist. For instance, some kind of data may be infected by viruses and stolen from the platform. In such a case, this activity is considered to be illegal and the site isn’t responsible for such acts. Yes, new methods of protects are implements here, but such problematic cases may happen on any resource despite the used protection system and newest methods.     

These terms may be modified at any time, so it is recommended to check this info regularly. In such a way, you will never have any misunderstanding with the site’s usage.

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