Brides with Tattoos: How Common Are They?

Some tattoos are truly pieces of art. However, in many conservative countries, there was an unspoken rule to cover body pictures on important or official events. Even on their wedding day, brides had to hide their tattoos under some thick and in no way see-through material. Now times are changing! Tattooed brides can now wear their body art proudly, and choose any kinds of dresses they want. Read more about these fascinating changes!

While tattoos were once the domain of soldiers, sailors, and bikers, nowadays they’re incredibly common. They’re seen as part of mainstream society and more and more women are using ink body art to help express themselves. Even in the most conservative Eastern European countries, people are catching up with this trend — which is why it’s a rather common thing to see tattooed Russian brides showing their gorgeous body art on their wedding day. In fact, it’s not just normal to see a bride with a tattoo nowadays, it’s considered fashionable — so much so there is a trend for temporary tattoos brides can wear on their wedding day, helping make them, and their wedding photos, something special.

Are There Problems for a Bride with Tattoos?

Because tattoos are so common (it’s thought there are more inked women than men in the United States for example), the tattooed moldovan bride doesn’t have too much to worry about when it comes to showing off her tattoos on her wedding day unless she, or her groom, has a traditional family that doesn’t see the beauty in them.

If this is the case, and the tattoos can’t be on display, there are options, even for the most heavily tattooed bride that will keep her, or her future husband’s, family happy and still make her feel like the most beautiful ukrainian woman in the room. She might want to wear a dress with lace sleeves, for example, which lets the beauty show through but means it isn’t as visible as it might be otherwise.

Ways to Wear Wedding Dresses for Tattooed Brides

If you’re a bride with a tattoo, you don’t need to worry too much about being able to find a dress that’ll let you show off your body art because there are so many out there. You’ll just need to worry about finding the dress that’s right for you, one that makes you feel good on your big day. We’ve taken some of the legwork out the job of finding a dress for you, picking out the best wedding dresses for belarus tattooed brides.

Lots of wedding dresses tattooed brides wear are sleeveless because they let the bride show off tattoos on her arms, shoulders, and the upper back. These photographs show just how that works for brides with tattoo sleeves. They also show the importance of accessories, which shouldn’t be in the spotlight or make the mexican bride look overdressed. Here a simple crown of flowers is all that’s needed.

Beautiful tattooed brides

If a bride with tattoos has ones which could be seen as harder to accept because of their subject matter or bright colors, a simple dress can take the edge off, as will simple styling and delicate bouquet.

Amazing brides with tattoos

The wedding dress for a tattooed bride is often a simple one because it allows her to shine. Brides with tattoos also have the option of more traditional, classic, styles.

Tattooed bride. How are they look?

The number and size of the pictures a tattooed bride has can influence her choices. A heavily tattooed bride is the one that hasn’t just got it on a whim, she’s the one for whom this art is a passion. And, she’s one who is more likely to want to pick an outfit that suits her. Along with sleeveless dresses women often choose the ones with thinner straps, simpler tops, or totally backless.

Tattooed bride wedding photo

A bride can use a veil to add drama to a dress with a simple dress as this photograph shows, letting the chinese bride with tattoos show off the pretty bird on her chest.

A very beautiful bride with tattoos

The more radical bride can go for a starker, more dramatic, look as shown here with a simple dress showing off her tattoos emphasized by a bold headpiece and make-up.

Best tattoo bride images

What’s important is the tattooed bride chooses a wedding dress that works for her be that brave and bold or fearless and feminine.

How to choose wedding dresses for tattooed brides

For tattooed brides with pictures on their back, an open-backed dress or one with a scooped back and a hairstyle that is worn up will work well.

A lot of heavily tattooed brides

A lace-backed dress, meanwhile, can partly hide a picture from conservative family members but still let the tattooed bride feel like she isn’t too covered. In fact, the color showing through the lace can make you look twice.

Bride tattoo -  see more ideas about brides with tattoos

One thing tattooed brides should remember is to keep accessories simple, a pretty bouquet, for example, won’t distract from the sleeves she’s looking to show off.

Best wedding dresses for tattooed brides - how to choose a dress

A simple headpiece is another way a tattooed bride can look pretty and feminine but not distractive, as an open-backed dress can.

Amazing brides with back tattoos

What Options Are There for Tattooed Bride and Groom?

A tattooed bride might want to think about how her groom looks as well. There are plenty of inked men out there, so you might find both the bride and groom having tattoos. If they do, this can look great in a wedding photograph, letting them show their shared passion for ‘getting inked’.

Beautiful tattooed bride and groom

A photograph of a tattooed bride and groom can look especially captivating if there are similar motives or a theme — the same colors, for example — as the photograph above shows, or are in the same style. They can also show the individuality of the couple, letting them show off their personal style.

Brides with tattoo sleeves

And, while this photo of a happy inked couple shows the groom in more casual attire, the one below proves that just because they have tattoos, a bride and groom can’t wear traditional wedding outfits.

Wedding dresses for tattooed brides

In fact, a traditional look can ensure that this skin ‘accessory’ will not get lost in the photo.

Very nice brides with sleeve tattoos

Instead, for brides with tattoo sleeves, a traditional dress and a traditional photograph can mean the piece of body art stands out, making an amazing photo.

Tattooed brides - how to choose a wedding dress

What is wonderful about photographs of tattooed brides and grooms is that they show a shared both their interests and each other.

Beautiful brides with tattoos

When both people have pictures on their bodies, it also gives the photographer great ways to capture the love between the couple in unique ways

Wedding dress for tattooed bride

At the end of the day, what it all means to is that wedding dresses for tattooed brides can be of any kind the girl wants them to. What is more important is that she and her husband are happy and have wonderful memories that can last a lifetime.

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