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Skokka will give you the opportunity to find lovers for various events and goals. Only the real profiles are selected here and these people are ready for experiments. You can find the suitable person for different purposes. It can be not only naturals, but also transsexuals, gays, lesbians, swingers and so on. This site allows freedom of communication and allows different people to find each other to experience something new.

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Based on 4 ratings

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Skokka removes barriers and makes communication free

Skokka sign in will take several minutes - this process was simplified. You can chat using the camera or find a suitable partner through a search system. Select a country and continue communication. If you chose Skokka Tijuana then fill out all the fields and start exploring the site. To enter profile, use your Skokka login and password. If you could not use PC, the company has developed a Skokka app.

This platform offers safe communication and privacy policy

Each user can be sure that he or she is using a reliable site with privacy policy. The Skokka app is also safe; you can use all the features of the platform with adaptation to your gadget. This site gives freedom of communication but without open vulgarity. You will find many new friends and people of interest. Find out more detailed information about the company in this Skokka review.

Review and Our Thoughts

First Contact

Skokka dating site seems rather simple. The interface was maximally simplified so that each user could find the necessary posts. Here you place an announcement about your offer so that other people could read it and contact you. This is very convenient because the company guarantees the security and confidentiality of your correspondence.

To read posts, the user must select a country from the list and then indicate the city. This is important because it helps to sort posts. Then you need to open your profile to access the ads. When you select a city, the resource will translate you into the appropriate language automatically.

There are no piled up pages with profiles that appear in pop-ups. Everything was done very attentive and simple here. Each post you can read in the middle of the page and reply to the message if you liked the offer. If you have a personal offer, then post your post in the appropriate section.

Use Skokka search to find posts by a specific topic, word or category. There are a lot of users with different preferences and desires. You can definitely find not only the perfect lover but also a great friend with similar interests.

Skokka Sign Up

First, you need to open the main page and select a country. If you opened Skokka Costa Rica then you will see all the offers for the selected city. But users cannot read other people's offers without registering. You need to click the appropriate form and follow the instructions.

Indicate your current email to receive a letter with further instructions. Follow this to open a personal profile that will be created to view Skokka CR offers. This is convenient because sorting by the town allows you to quickly and more conveniently find the right post from people in your location.

If you need to find a suitable offer from another country, then you log in and choose Skokka Argentina. All ads on the site are available after registering and opening your personal profile. Change the city in the search engine to find new offers, your account will also allow you to upload your posts.

Skokka Special features

  • Large selection of profiles from users with different offers.

  • Legality and security of personal data.

  • Affordable membership fees.

  • Convenient location of posts and their search.

  • Ability to search for a partner, friend or lover.

  • Convenient and simple interface with various functions.

Skokka dating site has many advantages, although this is not the only top resource for finding an escort. There are many different offers from people of different sexual orientations and erotic preferences. This is a dating site but with more advanced features. You can find a lover but also many people visit this platform to find friends by interests (erotic).

If you are looking for posts for Skokka Tucuman or want to find a partner in Skokka Tijuana, then you can read the ad and study the profile of the person who wrote it. The profile on this resource is slightly different from the usual profile on simple ru dating sites. Here, the external qualities of a person and his sexual preferences are more important than hobbies, work or political views.

Some reviews are called Skokka scams, but there are many sites where scammers work openly. Here, the company openly shows the terms of cooperation and you read it before registering. You will also see all the data about security and privacy to make sure the legality of this platform.

Costs and prices

The company provides some services for a certain price. This means that you register in the system for free but there are functions that cost a certain cost. If you posted a post, the site should raise your ad and make it relevant. If you want to chat with a selected person from Skokka Argentina, Skokka Tijuana or other countries from the list, you can do this through the system using convenient tools for video chat or chat in a special window.

Prices for services are affordable - this is less than on many dating sites. After registration, you will see the price list and understand that this resource cannot be called Skokka scams. The platform operates in an active mode and it should receive money for its work. There is a group of staff who is responsible for all sections on the site and for helping users.

Skokka and its competitors

This site is not just a dating site – it is a platform that expands the possibilities of finding a partner (lover or friend). Many dating sites have thousands of profiles but you do not know the desires of your interlocutor. Here everything is divided into sections and points; you are looking for a person according to certain search parameters (not appearance but a sentence). If your wishes and preferences coincide, then you can arrange a personal meeting.

If you have chosen Skokka Costa Rica then you are viewing all posts from this country or choosing a specific city. People also want to find someone from Skokka CR and this will not be only an offer for an intimate meeting. There are different categories of users and their desires here – you can use the categories to find a lover or friend. Conventional dating sites are aimed at communicating or at a mutually beneficial pastime, but people communicate for a long time to find out each other's goals. Everything here is quite simple and no one hides his intentions.

Unlike many competitors, Skokka dating site can be called predominant because here all profiles and all user goals are open. People communicate on certain topics and offers without falsehood or stealth. You can select a country to search and find a partner near your home. Your incoming messages will not be littered with letters from people from all over the world.

Skokka User’s impression

Many customers from the UK, South America and other regions that are available on this site are satisfied with this resource. This platform is different from simple dating sites because all users’ offers here are located by categories. This is very convenient and makes the site so popular.

You can use the Skokka search system to find a person according to certain parameters and intimate preferences. Some users are looking for lovers with unconventional sexual orientation or people who are ready for new erotic experiments. Users also find partners for escort here and this can be done confidentially and safely.

Most reviews are positive but there are also negative letters. In terms of ratings, this resource has received a good mark despite some displeased customers. Here, the communication is aimed at satisfying sexual needs, so Skokka has differences with a dating site where people get simple communication first.

Some negative reviews are related to the fact that users see this platform as a simple dating site. If you are looking for a lover in Skokka Tucuman, then you are reading a specific proposal from a real person and not looking for a list of people and talking with them to understand who will agree to become your partner.

Mobile version

If you use this site as Skokka Argentina or the other 24 countries from the list, then the mobile application may be more convenient for you. The company has developed not only a mobile adaptation for different gadgets, but also its own mobile app. All functions and features of the site are saved for your smartphone. You can use this app whenever and wherever you want.

After downloading and installing the mobile version, you get an icon on your desktop. The icon was carefully designed so that other people do not understand what kind of application is on your screen. Log in using your username and password and make it automatic. Notifications will come to your screen and you can reply to messages when it would be convenient.


If you want to find out why many reviews call Skokka scams or get answers to different questions about the system, then open the section with FAQ. The site has opened a separate blog where experts answer the most popular questions of users. Here you can get detailed information about the system, registration, cost, terms of cooperation, company policy and other answers.

The platform also has customer support to answer questions from users of the resource. You will receive a detailed answer very quickly because site managers work very operatively. Describe your problem and customer support will help to solve this as soon a possible.

Skokka - Share experience form

Each user from Skokka CR or other countries from the list can leave his or her opinion on the site. Open the special form and fill in all the fields. You can share your impressions openly (by specifying mail) or make it hidden. The company is developing and improving its capabilities, so it will be important to find out the opinion and wishes of users of the system.

User’s opinion

Many users compare this resource with a simple dating site and do not find some features. This platform was created not only for finding a lover but also for connecting people with different sexual preferences. You can order not only an escort at Skokka Tucuman or Skokka Argentina but also find a married couple of swingers. The site features are divided into categories for easy search.

Most users are happy with this system because it offers data security and the privacy of all chats. The search for a partner will be protected and the personal data of the profiles will not go to third side. The company updates the system so that users could communicate without “freezing”. Some people indicate an important advantage of this resource - all profiles are real (not bots).

Skokka - Conclusion

This site received a lot of positive reviews and a rather good rating because the company gives all the necessary conditions for finding partners. Here you will not find vulgarity - all accounts have restrictions on the parameters of the posted photos. The company has created a convenient platform for finding a lover where all the profiles are real.
Some features are paid but the price will be less than paying for membership on many popular dating sites. Skokka dating site is the convenience of finding a person with similar sexual desires. All functions are aimed at specific proposals with a detailed description.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • InnovationFeatures


  • ServicesVariety


  • Scam


  • Free photoaccess


  • Free messagesending


  • Two-way videochat



  • Big base of profilesEasy to navigate and useSite screens users effectively to prevent scammers
  • No mobile app
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User reviews (4)

May 08, 2021 at 5:41 PM

AVOID THIS SITE LIKE THE PLAGUE. I have just been scammed. I contacted a few girls on the site and they all said they needed a booking fee up front. I was a little bit suspicious of this but I went ahead and booked a girl and sent £60. Soon as I sent the money all contact ended. All the girls on this site want a booking fee so I'm guessing they are all scammers. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE GUYS.

May 31, 2020 at 3:07 PM

This site has created a cool place where you can easily contact with the usual person. However, there is nothing special in this resource. Usual chatting features and nothing more.

Jan 18, 2020 at 1:50 PM

I prefer such dating site but there are many drawbacks. The girl disappeared after six months of conversation; I thought that our feelings are mutual and serious. We exchanged mail and phone number and then she stopped responding to my messages.

Jan 06, 2020 at 5:05 PM

Skokka is just a good site for online communication. I like that you can conveniently find a couple not far from. It’s convenient for me that I can just exchange contacts. It's very easy. But I haven’t found anything special or unique there.

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