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Gleeden is the first dating site developed by female representatives. But creating another page where you can find a soul mate or entertainment for a couple of weeks would be too simple and pointless. The Gleeden application is intended for married people who are stuck with the life and routine of ordinary relationships.

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Based on 2 ratings

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Review and our thoughts of Gleeden

Gleeden was released to fight stereotypes. Our society has a stereotype that women and technical professions are little compatible. If we see a system administrator, this is probably a man. If we see a programmer, in 90% of cases this is not a woman.In Europe, this stamp is safely refuted by the feminist movement, which in word and deed proves that women can occupy high positions and receive "male" professions.

Our society has a stereotype that women and technical professions are little compatible. If we see a system administrator, this is probably a man. If we see a programmer, in 90% of cases this is not a woman.In Europe, this stamp is safely refuted by the feminist movement, which in word and deed proves that women can occupy high positions and receive "male" professions.

A reliable system for protecting the web page allows us to hope that the spouse will never be aware of the secret life of her half. This can be treated in different ways: for some it’s in the order of things, and someone will consider this virtual betrayal almost a deadly sin, but this site already exists, and everyone will decide to register on it or not.

However, before registering on the site, men will have to seriously think: if for the weaker sex access to the database of profiles is free, then the stronger sex will have to pay. But judging by users’ Gleeden reviews, it's worth it. It is believed that vietnamese dating sites are paid for men only because there are too many people who want to register in Gleden - and there may not be enough women at all.

How to join the Gleeden right now?

The signing in process on Gleeden is simple but functional. After filling in the basic data - basic information about the user, the system will prompt him to take a test developed by psychologists to determine the type of person. Questions are aimed at identifying ease on the rise, a tendency to adventure and adventure, stress resistance, interests. 

Other site users should know who they are dealing with! In addition, the test of Gleeden USA allows you to compile a selection of profiles that will be interesting to a particular person. This is another smart service - it saves the user time by offering him only those who may potentially interest the visitor. The system makes such a conclusion based on the tests passed. After making an account you will be able to login Gleeden in a couple of seconds

Privileged and Regular Accounts in Gleeden

The statuses of users of Gleeden dating site are divided into two types - privileged and standard. Holders of a standard account can only send “winks” to people they like, and owners of premium profiles get access to advanced options. This is a dialogue, and the ability to evaluate photos of other users. Owners of privileged pages also receive priority in search results. 

It is clear that a premium account is purchased for money, but it is obvious that it is much more profitable to pay and get access to all options of the site than to be content with the usual wink. Indeed, a person may simply not be noticed. In addition, owners of premium accounts can upload a photo, send comments (and not just put “likes” on their favorite cards) and use a mobile Gleeden application.

Impressions of using the Gleeden service

It is logical that users of premium accounts have a more informative profile. This is due to the fact that during registration in Gleeden app they answer a number of questions. Thus, it is more pleasant to look at profiles of owners of privileged pages - it takes a little time, and the result often exceeds expectations. For holders of standard accounts, only the name and age are filled. And who is more likely to communicate with: a person about whom you know at least something, or with someone about whom you can’t say anything?

In general, the service is convenient, despite the fact that not everyone is ready to give such personal information about themselves. But if you do not want to know something about you, maybe you should not register on Gleeden dating site?

Gleeden — what is it, scam or fake?

The Gleeden website regularly checks for fake users and deletes accounts that were created to enrich and extort money for intimate photos of “single girls”.

If you happen to meet such a person, be sure to write to the support service and you will warn other people, saving their time and nerves.

Real review

“I am a 28-year old single male who’s an avid user of Gleeden, I like the feeling of being “the other." I don’t know, it brings me a sense of confidence and it feeds my ego. What I find great about using Gleeden is that I can find women who are of different ages who are mostly looking for one thing only—a casual affair. No strings attached. After we have our fun, there would be no need to exchange numbers. Another thing I like about Gleeden is that they don’t require a monthly membership fee. They use a credit system so I have the power to use what I paid for in my own pace, and however or wherever I want to spend it. I really enjoy using Gleeden because it gives me exactly what I want from its straightforward service.” Luke, 28, NYC

Mobile version of the Gleeden site

Few people now can afford to slowly sit at a computer, choosing their favorite profile, especially since a dating site is a rather slippery moment: it’s easy to imagine how spouses will react to such activities of their life partners. However, the mobile application is only available to premium account holders. Easy to use and chat in Gleeden, it greatly simplifies the search among thousands of profiles, is installed through the Apple Store or Play Market, takes up little space on the phone. All functions of the computer version of the site are saved in the mobile application. Design adapted to the phone screen.

Tariffs of Gleeden

A three month subscription to the site costs $ 113.85. Six-month subscription - $ 131.70. For this money, the user gets a premium account - and as a result access to all options - starting from uploading photos and the ability to leave comments and send messages, ending with a psychological test and “smart” sorting of profiles. By modern standards, this is quite inexpensive.

You can pay for use in three ways - from a credit card, via paypal, and by direct order from a personal bank account. But you should take into account one point - the subscription is automatically renewed for the same period if the client has not canceled it at the end of the first period. There are positive aspects to this - the user will not lose the benefits of a premium account if he forgets to pay. So the resource takes care of its guests and leaves everyone gladded by Gleeden tarifs.

Gleeden app. Why is this site better than others?

The main idea of Gleeden differs from a host of other dating services, including its controls and the main mission. Therefore, this application is a unique example of how important it is to be able to maintain innovation and surprise with something new!

We are getting better by comparing ourselves to someone. Why is better than hundreds of other online dating services? Firstly, this is the personalization of search results. It is based on the nature of the user. The system will never offer a person’s page for dating that will not suit the client. Secondly, it’s the security of any user-provided data. Thirdly, there are many filters that the client can apply when searching, which makes it more detailed. Finding a person with whom everyone will be comfortable is easy, and Gleeden is called upon to help any user in this. You only need to trust!

This site is inhabited by a really serious contingent - this is confirmed by numerous surveys, ratings and reviews of Gleeden’ users. In addition, statistics claim that the vast majority of visitors to the resource have higher education, which means that, at the very least, they are interesting people to talk to. If you think about it, it’s difficult to find a system that will take into account the needs of visitors to such an extent and take care of their safety.

Support service in Gleeden

It’s plenty nice that the developers of the site don’t forget about users - a support service is functioning on the resource at 100%. At any time, answers to basic questions are available, for example, about registering or filling out a profile, about passing a test and how to search. If the client signed in Gleeden and doesn’t find the answer to his question, he can always fill out a feedback form, and he will promptly, politely, correctly and clearly answer all questions of interest. In addition, the support service can evaluate the service provided in order to understand which direction to move in order to become better. The feedback form interface is intuitive - to send a question you need to fill in the standard fields - name, age, gender, question. Developers are open to honest and informed opinions, and this is one of the reasons for the high rating of the Gleeden app and good reviews about it. Continuous work on oneself towards improvement always bears fruit.

Final conclusions about Gleeden

Gleeden dating site is guided by four principles: security, anonymity, quality and freedom, and I must say, resource administrators strictly follow them. People relate to such Internet pages in different ways, but site traffic indicates that users need it: someone to overcome their life’s routine, someone to search for interlocutors, someone to find a soul mate and a happy life further. The final choice is always left to the user.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • InnovationFeatures


  • ServicesVariety


  • Scam


  • Free photoaccess


  • Free messagesending


  • Two-way videochat



  • Easy registration, easy search, quick and polite support desk work, easy profile deletion
  • Few female profiles, few free options, possibly unauthorized debiting of funds from a card, expensive
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User reviews (2)

Jun 08, 2020 at 1:35 PM

Too expensive for such pure site

Free of scam
Feb 18, 2020 at 4:04 PM

I found this site as one of the best reviews. But it seems to me that this is a scam. I had an error with registration. The subscription cost is very high, only few free options and there are constant problems with the server.

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