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Meet BuzzArab - the first Arab dating service that will help you once and for all find the right person to start a family and serious relationship

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Every dating site has its own specifics with a common goal - to find a friend or partner for dialogue for a more serious relationship. Resources have different capabilities - sorted by age, location, interests and prosperity, but BuzzArab emphasis on the selection of relations among the Arab world representative, but openly welcomes members of all religion, of all folk groups, all races and all ages. With such a policy in the resource registered customers not only comments from the Arab world, but in Europe, the US and Canada, Arabia, Morocco and other countries. Gender distribution medium 50 to 50. 

The total number of users to date - 420,000 Target group - people who are looking for an Arab partner, often with serious intentions to get married.

Having determined that you need a partner in life, you can sign in the, the site is focused on the search for partners for serious relationships, and those people who have found their happiness on the site, thousands. As the founders of the site said, only for the last year was marked 500 success stories and BuzzArab’s marriage after chatting, which are tracked on the website, so it’s another reason to sign up BuzzArab.

The quality of this resource in implementing safe choice new friends or life partner, using different techniques to remove inappropriate content and scams in BuzzArab whom make fake profiles.

As with most online dating sites, and another of its advantages is the ability to sign up BuzzArab for free and find your soulmate.

Rating for inputs 3.0 out of 5, at the choice of contacts 4, the information presented in the profile - 3, job applications, as well as the practicality of 3.5 points.

How to create an account on BuzzArab? 

Signing in Buzzarab is free, but has some serious levels of verification. This procedure is necessary to pass the test, proof of identity, you will need either an account Facebook, or Google Account. This does not mean that Facebook and Google will note that you are a customer dating site. But no account in these social services, you can not create an account, so you must first open a page. 

Part of your data is taken from the Facebook profile or Google, and it provides greater security. It is also necessary to inform about the place of birth and residence, what goals, what prepochtenie and requirements for the chosen one or beloved, religions, habits. It is necessary to provide as much information as possible to ensure the quick election of interests and criteria laid down by future partners. Account is made necessarily in the Arabic language, and is duplicated in English and German for helping you after logging in BuzzArab if you don’t use Arabic.

Another prerequisite is downloading photos during registration, as well as after, most of gallery consists of 10 for identification. Photos are also checked manually. The requirements for them are prohibited:

put pictures of animals and celebrities, paintings of famous artists;

photos in sunglasses on which people unrecognizable;

use erotic poses.

Photos can be displayed on your profile, but others do not see it yet.

All profiles are processed manually, which slightly lengthens the registration period up to 3 days, but guarantees are serious and genuine person who completed the account. If detected not open their data to verify that the profile is automatically deleted without comment. Consequently, the fakes and scams on BuzzArab no such thing as moderation goes rigid, developers are turning to user reported to the FAQ about problems users to the site remained free from fakes, for example, if the owner has already received more than 50 messages, but the situation at 0 percent. Such support alerts are usually quick to respond.

Only after that comes the confirmation of registration by e-mail and possibly the active promotion of the profile and range of choices. 

BuzzArab has age distribution:

  • 18-24;

  • 25-34;

  • 35-44;

  • 45-54;

  • 55+. 

Features of use and selection of partners

On the  users have an ability to identify their individual criteria and the large number of options for the search. For example, you can determine whether the ready to ensure that your future partner to smoke, whether he likes children, snoring in December. 

You can also choose the territorial residence you are interested in people, those who are constantly in the online mode to start direct communication with active users and speed up the search process.

There are restrictions on communication with partners who do not fit the selected criteria, are notified that it is impossible to Send Message. Excluded flirting and opening chat for free communication, communication is possible only through the messages. In profile, track the number of responses in percentage terms, as well as a message is received the second participant. Send and receive messages free of charge to both users in the process of communication, there is no premium membership, but should be at least one unlocked picture, it opens the way to communicate. 

The only exception: the client has received the message and would like to answer it, it is also possible and without pictures. It is very easy to attract the attention of his interlocutor, only need to take an interest in accordance with specific criteria.

Features that help you connect with people:

  • the online chat;

  • control type Notice that come;

  • advanced search;

  • banning users who are not interested.

Mobile app of BuzzArab

Currently, we are unlikely to find a person without a smartphone, and if someone is away from the computer, there are problems of communication with applicants. Cell phone can be mobile and to address emerging issues at any time and in any place, without being tied to a computer.

Developers have offered a convenient and practical mobile application of BuzzArab that customers are clearly marked as the advantages of the process of dialogue with elected representatives, highlighting its characteristics such as simplicity, free of charge, and the speed of communication. It has a convenient entrance for registration, all the functions are identical with the site.

BuzzArab free mobile app is fully available for download from the store Google Playstore or through Apple App Store. For Windows users, unfortunately, this application is not available, you can only use the mobile version. All functions are also available on the computer are available in the BuzzArab application. Ease of use is optimal, and even more enjoyable when compared to the embodiment of the full version. It is a very pleasant view conversations in a chat, which is displayed in a window, visually similar to the design of Whatsapp.

Features of tenure

The ability to choose - this is freedom, and the large amount of information about the habits, feature, religion helps to make a choice.

Comfort of using this dating service as like the russian bride sites allows you to put it the highest rating.

Most people are considered to be a feature only possible to register via Facebook or Google. Focus resources on the absence of accounts and fake phishing web pages. Checking for a long time and page registration message through messages on e-mail.

Note the standard strict design, all emit at the same time the simplicity and accessibility of its use for a person of any age. Everything is very functional and not annoying extra buttons necessary to nobody, tickers, and most importantly, advertising.

The site is set up so that shows the profiles of those who have a high frequency response, that is in demand and popularity. That is, people are actively looking for and do not need to wait long for an answer. After all, the expected response - it is always tedious, especially if you want to strike up an acquaintance and quickly figure out the questions.

It must be remembered about the practical uselessness of the portal to search only love to communicate, the more erotic meetings or entertainment. Almost all the user focused on the search for a life partner, and it is for this came here.

Simplicity of design also focused on working spirit to nothing distracts from video chatting. BuzzArab design is simple, but very comfortable and informative.

All important functions are accessible through a user page, edit your own profile, you can at any time, and it's not a problem. And delete the account, you can use a mouse click.

Detailed information is available in the section FAQ, where there are detailed answers to the most important questions, a lot of reviews of BuzzArab by foreign users.

Compare with other sites

It’s the main differences of this dating service from other providers are:

  • Free registration and BuzzArab’s login process;

  • The lack of premium chats;

  • Simplicity and ease of use;

  • The lack of additional services;

  • Simple functional mobile application communication which is decorated in the form of BuzzArab’s chat;

  • Continuous improvement and addition of service and design of the site;

  • Focus only on the search for a life partner for marriage;

  • The ability to quickly and simply delete your profile, use only one button in the settings menu and your password. 

By result of many users signing in reviews BuzzArab located in the top of the best virtual internet dating sites have proven to be the best, for many years. The cost of finding the second half recouped effective results and the ability to meet his half in the Arab world, on the whole territory of a large number of countries. Garat quality — strict controls registration, regular surveys of users, a good support team for help in choosing a life partner with whom you would make a marriage after meeting in BuzzArab.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • InnovationFeatures


  • ServicesVariety


  • Scam


  • Free photoaccess


  • Free messagesending


  • Two-way videochat



  • There are male and female profiles, you can meet a real Arab woman, there is a mobile application
  • A lot of scam, weak work of the support service, a lot of advertising, the mobile application is constantly hanging
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User reviews (3)

Oct 26, 2020 at 1:01 PM

Guys on there are the most narcissistic entitled hideous pieces of trash ever. They will message you asking why youre “aggressive” in your profile! They’ll tell you your profile page is too long and detailed(as if its a bad thing) these losers just want to start fights!! They use this site to harass women for daring to write her preference . The administration does nothing! The report button is laughable

May 20, 2020 at 10:02 AM

Not the cheapest variant for communication.I have used lots of dating platforms and frankly speaking haven’t found the platform which really works. The last site where I signed up was buzzarab. Everything seems to be rather standard when comparing with other dating websites. The thing that disappoints me the most is the pricing policy, I think that usual chatting feature may be free of charge for the active users. Don’t you agree with me?

Jan 21, 2020 at 11:04 AM

When I registered, I thought it was an honest site. But this is not so. I noticed a lot of scam, and the ladies asked me for moneyDon't waste your time and money

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