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Virtual dating is such a developed and popular industry and lots of dating sites are created almost every day. Due to such a huge variability of services it may be really hard to find something meaningful in just a couple of seconds. The only way out is to read such reviews or check the users’ comments on the site. Here in Oasisactive review you will get some general information about one resource and how to find your partner online. If you are interested just go on reading this short article.

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Based on 3 ratings

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Oasisactive online dating site

This dating platform is so popular among the users from different country because of lots of reasons. However, the major one is considered to be reliability. This resource was launched in 2008 and since then it has recommended itself as a reliable website that is helping people from all over the world to find long-term relations. 

New and new members are signing up on this website almost every day, so you can imagine how many feedback loops about this resource are variable. You can find totally contradictory comments about the same resource. Of course, you can check them, but try to be skeptical while reviewing them. Not all users are so objective and rarely they have similar experience with dating platforms.

Something about Oasisactive sign up

There is nothing difficult in registration, just an intuitive procedure with few simple steps. To begin with, has two variants for registration. The first is usual one where you mention all the needed information such as password, user’s name, gender, age, and lots of other things. The next one is way quicker and simpler, you may log in via your Facebook page. So, only one click is separating you from pretty ladies from various countries. 

Almost 314,800 users are using Oasisactive chats every day. That means that the percentage of finding your love is way higher than on other resources. 

Features on dating site

The next thing that is really important when you sign up on a dating resource is options for communication. Let’s review this topic in details.

The first rather cool feature is called “show who liked you”. The title is rather clear and there is no need to describe anything else. This option is extremely functional, because you can check those members that liked you and contact them. 

One more popular feature is your potential partner. It works by sorting out all your preferences and choosing potential candidate for you. This feature works automatically and you can immediately start chatting with suitable candidates. 

Instant messages are paid, however you are receiving the access to endless Oasisactive chatting. Except of usual text messages you can also share audio, photos, and videos with this feature. 

One may say that Oasisactive members don’t have enough variants to choose from. Nevertheless, these people sign up on the site because they are seriously searching for meaningful relations and they don’t want to waste time on useless features. Sometime huge number of different options is just distracting.

Pricing policy on the site

Oasisactive login is totally free resource and the major features are offered free of charge. For instance, you can register, interact with members of the site without any huge limitation. 

If you think that you need more exclusive features to surprise your online partner, you can easily purchase a paid membership. This may be done in less than a minute and you will get access to exclusive options which are blocked for free users. 

Using these paid chatting features increase the chances of finding your love. Yes, sure you have all chances to find your love with a free membership, but with the paid one it will be easier and quicker. It is for sure. 

Something about Oasisactive app

Nowadays people prefer apps more than anything. Chatting via your laptop is no longer the quickest way of reacting to the recent messages. That’s why more than the half of the registered members prefer mobile version. 

As in others dating apps, this one offers swipe feature and that makes the process of communication quicker and more exciting. It looks like a game, but you are doing life-changing things. If you don’t want to swipe endlessly the application, you’d better use a search filter and specify as many criteria as you have. Please don’t hesitate and specify everything you would like to see in your partner. 

The other features are the same as on the PC version of the site. 

As for download and installation of this application, it is totally free of charge for anyone. So, feel free to download this app and test it. 

Quality of the profiles

Most of profiles include really detailed information about the users. It occurs because most of the members are seriously oriented into finding long-term relations. There are rare profiles without any photos. 

While scrolling a webpage with the profiles you can check age and location of the member without even entering a profile. This information in mentioned in the right left corner of the profile. Quality of the photos is really high and most members add several pictures.  

Feedback from the clients

“I found my love on Oasisactive app. Everything occurred really quickly and our virtual communication led to several dates and then we started dating. From the minute I saw Jane’s profile to our first meeting passed only three months. I wasn’t expecting to build serious relation so quickly, but it occurred and I am so delighted and grateful for the day when I signed up on Oasisactive. It was really life changing decision for me. So, guys if you are still thinking about the necessity of virtual relations, you should better check this resource. Maybe you will find your love there as I did….”

“Oasisactive is an application that excites you from the first minute. There are so many pretty ladies that you cannot stop scrolling the page. It is almost impossible to choose one girl, when there are so many other charming women waiting for you. Unfortunately, I haven’t found meaningful relations yes, but I hope to find my ideal on this resource. One thing that impressed me the most is free access to all the chatting features. I definitely recommend this resource for all who are searching for meaningful relations online. Nothing can be easier than usual registration and communication with the prettiest women from different parts of the world!”

Summing up  

When summing up everything that was discussed in this article, it is better to mention that Oasisactive is a reliable dating platform with a few cool features for communication. It is a resource with a long history and the best reputation among similar resources. That’s why if you have been dreaming of finding meaningful relations online, it is the best place to start from. Most of the chatting options are free of charge, the quality of profiles is really high and of course anybody can install users’ friendly application and chat on the go. Nothing can be better than convenient love search on the safe platform with only real users in the catalogue.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • InnovationFeatures


  • ServicesVariety


  • Scam


  • Free photoaccess


  • Free messagesending


  • Two-way videochat



  • Is free. Easy registration and site navigation, real profiles, mobile application
  • Since the profiles are created bordinary men and women, the quality of the profiles is rather low, there are a lot of scamm
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User reviews (3)

May 15, 2020 at 9:03 AM

Not the best place for communicating… Site is rather nice platform where it is possible to communicate with lots of pretty women. It looks okay, however I don’t know if it is really functional. I haven’t got any real dates yet.

Mar 21, 2020 at 9:17 AM

Dating website and my story
All the process of registration and communication seems to be extremely easy and understandable. I haven’t found any difficulties while using this resource. Nevertheless, I didn’t come to that point where serious relationship starts. Maybe, it is something with me, but I could choose the only lady that I like the most…They don't have very nice pictures, so I need more timeSo, I am still in the process of love search…

Feb 01, 2020 at 2:49 AM

I though it is way easier!When you are reviewing all these ads about easiness of online dating, you think that immediately after the registration it is possible to find your love and then start building serious relations. However, this didn’t work for me in such a way. Maybe I should spend more time for chatting with ladies or maybe I was doing something wrong, but I haven’t found my love yet. Despite that fact that there were so many pretty girls in the catalogue, I couldn’t find relationships yet.

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