Vietnamese girls and their benefits

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Annually, approximately 15000 Vietnamese girls marry Westerners. Men who want to find love in Vietnam, often apply to the international dating agency looking for the right match. It can refer to Western men with special affection for Asian ladies and Vietnamese, in particular, or Viet Kieu men (a large Vietnamese diaspora in the USA) who encountered a problem of diaspora marriage and can’t find a soulmate among Vietnamese American women. The reasons for such marriage can be different.

Vietnamese women are also popular among Chinese men due to gender imbalance in their country. Trying to find happiness, girls from Vietnam are ready to date foreigners, as well. They are very open in this respect and are also ready to apply to the chinese dating service to find an ideal soulmate.

This is incorrect to lump all Asian women into a single category as some people do. Vietnamese girls differ considerably from other Asian girls. Many men who apply to international dating agencies stick to the opinion that girls of Vietnamese origin have lots of benefits not only over women from the West but from women of other Asian nationality. 

The beauty of Vietnamese ladies is highly demanded in the neighboring countries. It’s surprising how the one-child policy launched in China in 1979 has changed the demographic situation in the whole region and affected the sphere of international dating. If you look at statistics, you will see that most international marriages with Vietnamese brides occurred with men from China, Korea, and the United States. Vietnamese women dating foreigners also often marry men from Australia and Europe. 

Vietnamese women for marriage

There is a serious problem in the world today that destroys marriages and the whole institution of family – the basis of any society. Loyalty to the partner has become a real problem. Many Western women just don’t consider it necessary to remain loyal in the relationship. No wonder that their men start seeking a relationship in other cultures, where women have a more serious attitude to it. This can be said, for instance, about Vietnamese ladies who are very faithful to the other half. Any man looking for stability in a relationship can come to Vietnam to find the girl to his liking. Taking into account that numerous family problems arise due to lack of loyalty in one of the partners, this is the right decision. Especially, when a long-term relationship is a priority. Therefore, American, English, and Australian men prefer women who value the close relationship and don’t look at other men after they have chosen a soulmate. Western ladies might say that these girls aren’t progressive enough and refuse from happiness obeying men. However, those who consider such values old-fashioned change one partner after another but can’t find ultimate satisfaction. This is a way to nowhere, so the Vietnamese seem to know a hidden truth revealing real happiness as the follow a different pattern tested by the time. 

Vietnamese wives don’t leave their husbands in trouble and never regard divorce as a solution even when problems in the relationship occur. They approach these problems traditionally and the outcome often depends upon the behavior of a man in a couple. The marriage ends with divorce only if a man insists on it. 

Vietnamese girls are humbler in comparison with Western ladies, known for their self-centered behavior. Western girls like to boast, display their beauty, and sometimes even provocative photos in social media. This is not accepted in Vietnamese society. Such behavior is considered indecent in the Vietnamese environment where girls are raised to be humble. 

Vietnamese women and sexual freedom

Vietnam is a country with rich traditions and this leaves the mark on the girls. They differ from ladies in other countries of Southwest Asia. It’s worth saying about their equal roles with men in the country.

Probably, a typical Vietnamese girl is not the one who is sexually free. However, this is not an issue of primary priority and not the first quality that a man looks in his future wife. Even stunning ladies from Vietnam don’t date several men at once while it’s a norm for a beautiful girl in the West. 

As for the appearance of Vietnamese girls, they don’t use cosmetics as women in other countries. They wear less makeup highlighting the eyes and using a whitening powder – no more than that. And you’ll be surprised to find out about the results of the study that has proven that men like ukraine women who wear less makeup. Vietnamese brides are beautiful, feminine, and tender girls loved for their natural beauty.

Do Vietnamese ladies marry for money?

One of the features a man can expect from the Vietnamese is their independence. They don’t rely on anybody and try to earn their living without anybody’s support. The stereotype that Vietnamese agree to marry foreigners for money is often wrong. All singles want to communicate with people of unique mentality to widen the horizon and Vietnamese women seeking men from abroad can feel the same. 

Although, they can be driven by different motivations. For instance, life in rural areas is very hard. It’s natural for a beautiful lady to look for the better and try to change the environment. Marriage is the best way to change their lifestyle. At this, such women are very supportive. Without expecting support, they are very compassionate in return. Just because they are rather responsive, kind-hearted, and, again, loyal. It’s a dream to have a woman like this beside. Life is full of ups and downs and you never know what to expect tomorrow. It’s better to date somebody who will never leave you in trouble no matter what happens in life. 

Why marry Vietnamese brides

There is much talk about the strength of inter-ethnic marriages and the statistics prove it. Such couples divorce only in extreme cases in comparison with marriages between the people of the same ethnicity. The families of this type are rather friendly. With full understanding that they are different, they support each other even when there is disagreement in the family. However, families with Vietnamese brides are even stronger. The reasons for it are explained below:

  • Vietnamese girls have strong family values

Speaking of loyalty, it’s also worth mentioning that a Vietnamese girl applies this notion not to the relationship with a husband only but the whole family. The bonds between generations are strong is all Asian cultures, including Vietnamese. Therefore, ladies from Vietnam also care about their old parents and their husbands’ parents. 

  • The Vietnamese are honest

Honesty is one of the most amazing qualities nowadays and they possess it. Although the Vietnamese are obedient, that doesn’t mean that they can’t stand for themselves. Vietnamese women frequently act as if they are bosses. However, it happens not because they like to give commands. This is just the way to express their feelings and clever men let them do it. Such behavior usually calms them down making them mild and friendly again. 

  • They are perfect housewives

If you want your wife to be a good housewife, Vietnam is the right destination. The Vietnamese learn art of housekeeping since childhood. Mothers teach their daughters to cook and clean the house. All girls perform their house chores. When they grow up they care about the family running all errands at home. There is always a delicious smell of tasty food in the house. Husbands never stay hungry with a Vietnamese wife who is ready to serve home-made, tasty meals. A man married to a Vietnamese woman forgets about fast-food restaurants and visits them on occasion only. Their nutrition becomes much healthier. 

It seems to Vietnamese women that they are not good cooks though they cook very well. They are so modest that don’t accept it. You will be surprised at the taste of their amazing dishes. The Vietnamese are also fond of hand skills. Knitting, sewing, or some other skill is a usual pastime for a lady in Vietnam. 

  • They are well-educated and have good manners

Vietnamese ladies are highly cultured therefore they may seem “too traditional”, so to say. You will never find such a girl among the girls of American or European origin. You will love the treatment of Vietnamese brides as if you are a special person. They are interested in the way you feel and try to do everything to make you feel comfortable. 

What men like about the Vietnamese, is that they are vibrant and open-minded. They are nicely-educated, have excellent manners. During the conversation, a girl from Vietnam can speak on any subject with ease. 

Despite the traditionalism of Vietnamese or Moldovan ladies, the changes in society modify their lifestyle as well. Nowadays, even Vietnamese ladies don’t hurry to become mothers. They continue to work to become financially independent. Many girls in the past agreed to marry because of expectations around her. Now girls are not inclined to follow old patterns and have more independent views. 

  • They can stand by themselves

Though women perceive a man as a leader they are ready to conform to his authority to a degree they want. They are not ready to put up with being mistreated. It can be wrong to assume that they are fully submissive. Men just don’t notice the same decisiveness in them as in women from Western countries. 

Tips to follow when dating Vietnamese women

Speaking about a typical Vietnamese girl, we should point out that girls vary depending upon their place of living. There are 63 provinces in Vietnam and life in diverse regions of the country differs much. This affects the population and their social life. For instance, the southern part of the country is more Westernised than the other regions. It is close to Europe in some way and known for a more relaxed life and attitude, while people are more chilled there. 

Tip #1:

Refers to loyalty. As it was said already, Vietnamese ladies are more loyal than Western girls. Being loyal to husbands, they also rely on their loyalty expecting the same attitude. Therefore, they feel awful when they find out about the betrayal. Take it into consideration when dating a Vietnamese. She will be very offended to discover that you date other girls as well. True fidelity is one of the priorities for them. If you are the one who is going to be devoted to the family, you can have the most wonderful relationship in the world. Otherwise, it’s better not to start it. 

Tip #2:

Like many other brides, Vietnamese girls like to receive presents. If you want to win the heart of a girl, you can bathe her in gifts, make surprises, and other little pleasant things. They will highly assess your attempts. 

Tip #3:

Find a reliable dating service with a good selection of Vietnamese brides. Trustworthy american dating sites often require ID verification to make the process more efficient and avoid fraudsters. If you worry about being scammed, the chances to meet such girl among Vietnamese are lower. Vietnamese brides are less interested in money than in a good family. 

Tip #4:

During the search, both sides should focus on communication. The task is to learn more about each other to avoid further actions or continue dating. The daters should realize if they are suitable or not. One of the most effective ways to learn more about personality is to select the ways of communication that will help you learn more about the person. Apart from emails, such methods include video conference and phone calls. The combination of these ways will help you to see a person clearly – the gestures, emotions, the way the online dater reacts to your questions. It will show how serious the person is and will help to decide if you need to continue a relationship and develop it until you reach the next step – a meeting with a girl.

Tip #5:

Stay honest. Love for the Vietnamese is being honest in emotions. Learn to behave correctly with her and you’ll be the happiest man in the world. There is no need to fear something being with a girl like this. Just say what you prefer and what you dislike most. They are very smart and know how to please the mate.

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