Picnic Ideas for Two with a Dash of Romance

There can hardly be a more romantic date than the one you spend outdoors. A picnic is a great way to see your partner from a new perspective. Grab some snacks, a cozy blanket to put on the grass, and don’t forget to bring your smiles and uplifted spirits along! Picnic dates have been around for so long for a reason so you should definitely try them out!

Often, it’s easier preparing for a group picnic. Together we generally work out who’s bringing what. But when it comes to one involving Cupid’s arrow, it can be tricky. This rendezvous for two comes with its own set of rules, which is why we have put together specific picnic ideas for two with a romantic slant.

Feel the Love with Picnic Ideas for Two

You could go up in a hot air balloon, prepare a candlelit dinner, visit an art gallery or even book a surprise holiday. All well and good, but there is nothing quite like being together relaxing in the great outdoors. Planning a perfect picnic for two is going to be fun in itself.

Before you start scratching your head as to what to prepare there’s a treasure trove of picnic ideas for two out there. The best place to start is to ask friends and family who are likely to have done something as intimate as this. Everyone loves contributing to a romantic gesture and you’ll be sure to gather more than a few picnic ideas for couples.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Knowing how to plan a picnic date is important and what to bring on a picnic date even more so. Here are some top tips to help you on your way.

What to wear on a picnic date:

  • Cardigan/jumper . Check the weather forecast and if it’s likely to become cooler later then make sure you pack this.
  • Jeans and trainers are no-nos, if you are out to impress. Wear something that indicates you’ve made an effort.
  • Something practical. Overdressing is a mistake. You’ll definitely have to “keep off the grass” if you are wearing your high heels or best shoes. The clothes and footwear you choose should give you confidence, yet still be location-specific. Bear in mind that this is a romantic date meaning what you choose to wear alludes to this.

What to bring on a picnic date:

  • Big Umbrella

If your picnic is going to expose you to the elements then this is a must. Not only will it keep you dry if it rains unexpectedly, it will also provide shade from the sun and from prying eyes if you want to steal a kiss.

  • Sunscreen

We know that red is the color of love, but you don’t want to look like a lobster at the end of the date.

  • Blanket and a couple of cushions

 The blanket is the most important of course, but also pack a couple of cushions so that you and your date can lean back and enjoy the moment.

  • Bubbly and flutes

This is a must to create an “amore” mood. If that’s just for starters choose twist top wines so that you don’t have to pack a corkscrew.

Picking the Right Picnic

A picnic a la passion is not all about a blanket and a bottle of bubbly there are picnic activities for couples to give the date an extra dimension. You could book a rowing boat or take in a game of mini golf. This depends on whether these activities are within walking distance. If you are reluctant to move from your romantic setting, you could play games such as: Name That Tune or even something as silly as I Spy. Activities might be more appropriate for a second date picnic.

A picnic needn’t be reserved for hot cloudless days. How about an indoor picnic date if the heavens open or it’s just too chilly to go outside? Lay everything as if it were outside, blanket and basket included. What would be very romantic is a picnic in front of a roaring fire. Add some candles to complete the ambience. A passionate fireside feast is also one of the best romantic picnic ideas at night.

Romantic Picnic Ideas

Setting the Mood

This is going to require some imagination, so take your time researching what is going to keep that romantic theme going strong.

Up to Date

Be sure you know what your date’s tastes are. It would be a disaster if you brought something, which he or she isn’t into. Ham sandwiches and oysters might be against certain taste buds or religious beliefs. He or she might be allergic to nuts. A bit of digging might be in order here.

Gift It

If you’re the guy planning this date, it’s a nice touch to bring her a flower, and preferably one she can wear in her hair. So, thorny stems are out, as well as blossoms, which are likely to wilt.

If you’re the girl then it would be nice if you brought him something you know he likes such as a bottle of wine to take home or even better two tickets to a concert thereby securing a second date.

Go Big or Go Home

This is the complete opposite of keeping it “less is more”, but this will require deep pockets. If that’s the case and you are using this occasion to pop the question then think of an imaginative place to hide her engagement ring. This would have to take the trophy for being the best of romantic picnic ideas

Outside the Box

Sure, the nearest park will do. This is going to be the most obvious choice, but there are other romantic picnic ideas, which will deliver a change of scenery. Don’t write the park setting off, but keep it as a “maybe” because you could come up with more romantic picnic ideas.

For Sure

If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast then laying that picnic blanket on the beach is a must. There is nothing like a cool sea breeze and the crashing waves to provide a setting for to romantic date. This means you can lose the shoes to take a stroll on the foreshore, holding hands.

Taste the Love

There are certain foods that are supposed to put you and your date in an amorous mood. Topping the list of romantic food ideas would be strawberries. They are the color of love and easy to feed each other. Other foods include oysters (careful with these unless you have a cooler box), watermelon, asparagus and chocolate.

Food for Thought

There are certain rules when it comes to the best picnic food ideas for a date. The food should be easy to transport, don’t pack anything that is likely to leak or become misshapen.

  • Cheese board

Choose easy-to-eat cheeses and crackers. Don’t forget to pack the board and knife.

  • Charcuterie board

You can go to town on this one by including your homemade pate or terrine to score you big points.

  •  Crudités and dips

 Julienne some vegetables, especially celery and asparagus, both famous for being aphrodisiacs. Carrots, cucumber and courgettes (zucchini) are firm favorites too.

  • Homemade quiche

 This is ideal when it comes to picnic food ideas. It travels well, staying in one piece if you pack it right and will impress your date if you truly made it yourself.

  • Salads that won’t wilt

 Beetroot and potato salads are sensible and coleslaw is too. Lettuce isn’t picnic friendly and smelly onions and garlic are not the best picnic foods for a date.

  • Fresh French stick

 This is easy as you can “tear and share”

  • Strawberries and cream

A dessert synonymous with love and passion. Keep the carton of cream unopened so that you can pour it straight from the container. Don’t forget dessert bowls.

  • Heart-shaped cupcakes

 If you are a dab hand at baking, this is the time to impress. If it’s your first date the message is loud and clear.

Picnic Menu for Two


Crudités with a homemade beetroot and mint dip


Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham


Homemade Goat’s Cheese and Sticky Red Onion Marmalade Quiche

with a selection of cold meats, homemade pate and salads


Strawberries and Cream

Three-Cheese Board

Brie, Boursin and Cheddar with homemade pickle and crusty French stick

Happy Ending

Armed with this information you should be on your way to having the best romantic date you’ve ever had. A picnic for two is an age-old romantic date option. It’s casual, its fun, it’s something different and there’s nothing like being close to nature when it comes to romance. Good luck.

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