7 Myths About Online Dating Exposed

There are many myths about online dating. The most popular 7 myths have been busted. Why are they not relevant? Find out in this article.

These days, odds are you’ve either had such an experience yourself or heard someone’s story about finding love online. Moving to a different state? Swipe. Had a break-up? Swipe. Have nothing to do on a Saturday night? Swipe. This entirely new and ever-changing field of technology and love is shaping into something more commonly used but tricky to navigate.

And yet, many people can’t embrace new dating settings because there are still a lot of misconceptions that continue to misinform people about the world of online dating. They don’t even know what they’re missing out on by believing some of the information they’ve heard, which is often based on a false understanding. Believing in the myths of online dating, people often lose the opportunity to meet a good life partner. Thanks to online dating, any man living in Europe or in America can meet a girlfriend among Russian brides or Ukrainian beauties. Here are some widespread myths about online dating and why they are untrue, backed up by numbers.

Myth №1: It Is Dangerous

Reality: in the US, overall incidents of sexual violence have fallen by 63% since 1993 despite the rise on the Internet.

If your only knowledge of a person comes from their online profile, they could essentially be anyone, right? How would you know if they lied? How would you know if they’re a creep or a criminal? But, truth be told, you are not actually safer meeting a stranger in a bar or a friend of a friend you barely know.

Online dating allows you to establish a connection and have a dialogue prior to meeting in person. More often than not, people add a link to their social media account so you can browse and conduct your first security check from the privacy of your own home. Compare it with talking to a complete stranger at a bar, where you have no way to back up the information you’re getting. It doesn’t stop there, as people often choose public places for their initial online dates like coffee shops. Not only is it safe, but also simple and casual.

On top of that, dating platforms have taken steps to tackle these issues. For example, some services now check its users against the National Sex Offender Registry and deactivate their accounts when needed. With all that said, you should still, as always, be cautious.

Myth №2: Online Dating Is Only Good for Hookups

Reality: 66% of users have found a relationship via a dating app, and 80% of people say they want to find serious dates.

Casual flings are still a thing, but online dating alone is not responsible for that. Yes, technology simplifies the process of finding a hookup partner, but it also does help with building committed relationships. The development of the Internet creates circumstances to meet people online for just about anything.

The Internet is merely a medium of communication, and like any platform for social interaction, it can be used in various ways. You have to be honest about what you’re looking for, and being open about it will ensure you don’t leave disappointed. Whether it is a relationship or a one-time thing, you should make sure the other person knows it. Looking for true love? Prefer to keep it casual? Need a running buddy? So do thousands of other people. The key is reaching out to like-minded individuals.

Myth №3: You Will Only Succeed if You’re Young

Reality: the rates for finding a partner online are the same among 18-34, 35-54, and 55+ groups. Also, there has been a 6% rise in online users of age 55 to 64 in a recent couple of years.

The raw data is irrefutable. The odds are in your favor if you’re a man of all ages in the dating pool. In fact, older men will actually have a wider selection than women because, as data suggests, by age 48, men have twice as many pursuers as women. Besides, 76% of women said they usually go for men that are at least five years older.

But men don’t inevitably end up dating younger women however stunning they might be. The bottom line is that there’s plenty of fish in the sea, especially if the sea is right at your fingertips. Of course, age will affect your matches, but there isn’t such a thing as too old, especially in online dating. Here are some helpful tips on how to succeed at online dating as a middle-aged man.

Myth №4: People in Online Dating Are Desperate

Reality: 77% of survey respondents disagree with the statement.

Throughout the last decade, there have been major changes in social acceptance toward online dating. It absolutely doesn’t represent the last way out for people who’ve exhausted all other resources of the traditional dating sphere. On the contrary, they are taking the best sides of conventional dates and adding other features to accommodate modern, fast-paced life.

Like most singles and most adults, people you meet online have a busy work/life balance. And online dating platforms let you put a different spin on it. Online dating allows you to be in charge. You are in the strong position of total control about deciding who to match and who to converse with. Whenever you have a spare 15 minutes, you can do some swiping or chat with some people. It doesn’t take nearly as much time as going on a date. If you notice a red flag or just that the person is not right for you, you cut it off and walk away with no strings attached. In many ways, it is the opposite of desperate.

Myth №5: It Is Quick and Easy

Reality: on average, people spend about 90 minutes a day online dating.

At times, online dating makes it even harder to get a phone number than in real life. Even though it grants access to a larger number of people, this also means larger competition. Whenever a man hits on a woman, dozens of other men might be flooding her inbox with their messages. It's enticing to get your hopes up and start planning long-term fantasies when you have a match but it doesn’t always work out. If you're not wary about the time, your quest for a suitable partner becomes a full-time job. That, on top of everything else, can force you to give it up.

By now we're aware of the fact that dating is a numbers game. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to meet your future romantic interest by going on as many dates as you can. Imagine how much time and effort it takes. There are pros and cons to it because going on a whole lot awful dates might cause dating exhaustion. However, we’d agree that dating is a skill that takes time to master.

Remember that people are people and not numbers. But do use every date as a possible learning curve. For example, lousy dates help you identify deal breakers. This is exactly how you figure out your preferences and while it’s not easy, you will get a grip on it.

Myth №6: Everything You See Online Is Lies

Reality: the exaggerations are more or less harmless, but men and women on average add two inches to their height.

Let’s not kid ourselves because you should take information online with a grain of salt because everyone wants to present the best versions of themselves and make the ultimate first impression. But you encounter little lies in real-life dating as well. In any case, people tend to be more deceptive in a dating setting than in any other social context, and we’ve accepted that long ago.

Online profiles will most likely contain misleading information about age or physical appearance. In regards to height, those inches will come and go as the person changes their posture. Outright falsification about education or relationship status is not common perhaps because people know that when they meet someone in person, major lies will be disclosed right away. Studies show that online dating profiles are fundamentally quite honest. If they’re not, there will be consequences, and no good relationship starts on betrayed trust.

Myth №7: The Most Important in Online Dating is Appearance

Reality: 88% of women and 73% of men surveyed thought that personality was the most important quality. 75% of singles want their date to have an opinion on foreign and domestic news and events.

Looks and intelligence matter in combination with a level of education and age being the most essential factors. When dealing with a potential romantic partner, the level of education made a great impact on 96% of users whereas looks were put in third place of essential qualities. The majority of people said conflicting political stances were a deal breaker. It is curious that the number of offline respondents with the same answer was lower.

Even if the conversation is going well, people tend to wait between two to seven days before meeting up in real life. This once again proves that profile pictures do not guarantee that a match will turn into something more serious. It is safe to say that making authentic connections through the Internet is difficult, especially for those who depend on non-verbal communication and initial character evaluation through personal contact. Although there is no substitute for human communication, online chats can be an important first step in finding your soul mate or just a great workout partner.

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