10 Signs That a Woman Is Not Interested

How do you know that a woman is not interested in a relationship? Sometimes it’s not that easy to tell. These 10 signs might prove a woman is not into you.

So, it happened! You found a gorgeous woman among a lot of profiles of Russian brides or Ukrainian girls. You started to chat with her but you still do not understand what she thinks about you. Many men do not notice the sympathy of women and miss their chance. You should pay more attention to small signs because women's actions often speak louder than words. How can you tell if a woman likes you? A woman does not show love or sympathy openly. However, there are different ways of showing it both during online chatting and on a real date. Keep your eyes open and use your brain. This will help you determine both a woman’s interest and neglect towards you. To help you a bit, here is a list of 10 signs that a woman is indifferent to you. Do not waste your time, and then you will be on your way to finding your soulmate.

The Time of Response to Your Message

Women that have an interest in you try to communicate more. If the answer to your message comes almost immediately, then she sees communication with you as a priority. She doesn't want to lose contact. If a vietnamese woman answers from time to time or ignores you all day, most likely, you should not waste time trying to get her attention. But keep in mind that a woman can have a job and many other things to do. She may not always be able to stay in touch with you 24/7. Look at all your conversations at once to understand her behavior.

Messages of Low Quality

An important factor of interest is not the message itself but the way a woman wrote it. Often women respond to messages out of courtesy, but it's easy to notice. An indifferent woman will answer simply and in monosyllables. If a woman does not ask questions and does not share her own opinions, then you don’t look attractive to her. An interested woman will respond to your messages in detail. She will ask questions to continue the conversation.

Bad Reaction to Your Jokes

Women love men that make them laugh. That's why they pay great attention to a man's sense of humor. Pay attention to her reaction to your jokes or witty replies. If a woman just sends you a smiley face or even says that your joke is not funny, it indicates a lack of interest. If a ukrainian woman likes a man, she will laugh, tell a joke back, or giggle at the absurd situation that is not supposed to be funny in the first place. The atmosphere of conversation will be cheerful in any case. By the way, this works not only in messages but also in real-life communication.

She Never Writes First

One of the most obvious signs of lack of interest is the absence of initiative. If a woman never writes to you first, then she doesn't think about you. This means that there is something more interesting in her life than communicating with you.  Although there are shy women who are afraid to seem intrusive. If you have already made it clear to a woman that you like her, and you communicate with her for a long time but she never starts a dialogue first, then most likely you shouldn't continue pursuing useless communication.

She Avoids Real Dates

After spending some time texting, for both men and women comes the time for a real date. So, you invited a girl, but she refused. If she refuses once, it is not a sign that she does not like you. Maybe she's got a lot of work and doesn't have any free time at that moment. If a woman systematically finds a reason not to see you, it is possible that meeting with you seems a waste of time to her. However, be careful with hasty conclusions. It is possible that the woman is just shy or afraid because she had some bad dates with internet dudes before she met you.

Absence of Eye Contact

The long-awaited moment of the date has come, but the woman behaves somewhat strangely. She constantly looks around paying attention to the passers-by and rarely makes eye contact. Well, she's probably bored. When a woman is interested, she focuses on the man completely. Rare looks around are a normal phenomenon, but the constant lack of eye contact indicates a woman's lack of interest.

She Doesn’t Accept Courtship

If she is tender to you, she will allow you to take care of her. Moreover, she will use a variety of female tricks to give you many reasons to make her happy. For example, she can pretend that she is cold or that she twisted her leg. So, you can become a real gentleman and offer her a coat or a strong shoulder to lean on. If the woman becomes irritated from your accidental touches and rejects any help, it means that your attention is unpleasant to her.

She Talks about Other Men

If she simply mentions her past relationship, especially if a man asked her about it, it doesn’t matter. But if she talks about men on her own initiative all the time, you should be cautious. If a woman is interested in you, she will be careful with her words and will not talk about past relationships because she is afraid of offending you. If she allows herself to talk about her ex-lovers, then she doesn’t care about your feelings.

She Points to Men’s Faults

At the beginning of a relationship, a woman usually idealizes a man and pays no attention to his weaknesses. She is one big cloud of romantic feelings. But if she constantly tells you that you have some unpleasant habits or that you are doing something wrong (breathing too loudly, chewing too fast), then she does not like you very much.

She Suddenly Has Urgent Business

If a woman is constantly glancing at her phone and then receives a message that she urgently must go somewhere, then most likely you have not lived up to her expectations. Of course, do not jump to conclusions as sometimes people really have urgent business.

In any case, if you doubt the sincerity of a girl, take the initiative and ask her directly. Be mindful that it will be easier for a woman to tell you the truth if you open up your feelings to her as well.

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