9 Tips on How to Find Your Perfect Match Quickly

How to find your perfect match? And how to do it fast? These are the questions everyone in online dating asks themselves. 9 simple tips to help you on the journey!

Some people just do not know how they can find their perfect match online. They browse through a lot of profiles of Russian brides or American girls, hot Brazilian guys or calm Scandinavic men and cannot make the right choice. If this is something you're struggling with, here are some tips for making the right choices when it comes to dating.

Tip 1: Be Ready for a Relationship

For starters, analyze people from your earlier dating experience. This would give you a good starting point to reflect on the psychological assumptions and prejudices that you’ve collected throughout your life. Are you that person in a group of friends that always goes for the wrong type, and everyone’s accepted that long ago? Take a hard look at what draws you to people you can’t build a relationship with or what facts from your past may prevent you from having a healthy attitude towards dating. An ideal romance comes from knowing why you’ve had less perfect relationships in the past.

People can sense that you’re not ready for a relationship. As much as it can be intriguing to recover from a breakup by jumping straight into another relationship and hoping that this time everything will be different, think again. Some research points out that breakups can have a similar effect on you mentally as drug withdrawal. You are not equipped to make a judgment with a positive effect on your life.

Tip 2: Do Not Focus on a Particular Way

There is no holy grail for finding a partner. If you have just entered the dating market and want to find that one fail-proof method, we would, first of all, recommend that you broaden your outlook. There is no guarantee that, for example, online dating will work.

Tip 3: Do Not Exclude a Specific Method for No Reason

Suppose your dream partner has just installed a dating app on a whim, and they’ve been swiping left and right, but your profile is not there. Is it because someone told you online dating is only for hookups? Or what if your dream partner is currently having a drink at a local bar? Would you miss this opportunity because you think you can’t find true love at a bar? Casting broad assumptions will only limit your opportunities. Let go of your prejudices. Although you may think the chance that you meet someone through *insert method* is small, if you don't try, you might miss a great chance anyway.

But! That ‘going out to flirt’ mentality when you’d do anything to be in your pajamas in front of a TV at two o'clock in the morning is a terrible idea. Go to places where you’re likely to meet the right type of person for you.

Tip 4: Learn How to Write a Good Dating Profile

Writing a powerful dating profile is art with unspoken rules. For example, keep the tone in your bio positive. Even if you are desperate to find a partner, or you hate your ex, or you have had terrible dating experiences in the past, your dating profile is not the right place to complain about it. It is also a good idea to explain things in a positive way. For example, do not make a list of things that you do not like in a potential partner. Instead, give a list of things that you do like!

It is good to show that you already have a life of your own and do not desperately wait for a new partner to ‘save you’. You can show that your life mission is not just finding a partner but that you have your own interests in life anyway. If you say, ‘I have a good sense of humor’ or ‘I am looking for someone with a good sense of humor’, these are really vague and boring statements. You can use humor in your profile text instead. These are the basics, you should carry on from that.

Tip 5: Put Your Friends to Work

Do you know how most people meet their significant other? Even though we're all addicted to our phones, digital dating didn't take the top spot. Instead, meeting through friends still remains the number one way to meet someone in 2019 (although, marriage rates are another statistic). The old-fashioned way still works. 39 percent of those in a relationship have met their partner through friends.

It doesn’t mean you should always take advice from your friends when it comes to dating. But it’s a great strategy to ask them if they want to introduce you to someone. Even if they can’t think of anyone off the top of their heads, accompany them to parties because meeting people who aren’t in your circle gives you the opportunity to meet someone else without it being a complete stranger. When you start dating someone, you feel more secure if you have some kind of reference, however distant it may be. Someone that you can ask if the person you are going out to dinner with is a weirdo or something.

Tip 6: Don't Get Disillusioned

If you’re going to get upset every time a relationship doesn't work out, you're going to have a very tough single life. Of course, this reaction is understandable. Being rejected is not fun at all. But that’s why you have to be a go-getter. The extent to which you can keep going during those difficult times determines whether you will find the ideal partner for you.

Remember that it only takes one person to find the perfect relationship. You don’t need to hit it off with dozens and dozens. If it’s not working out with somebody: so be it. Now you know they’re not the one, and you’ve made progress.

Tip 7: Don’t Rush into Conclusions

Look for the qualities that form the basis of a successful partnership: empathy, integrity, honesty, reliability, kindness, and emotional generosity. Remove the small things. If you recognize these qualities, consider getting to know them better even if they don’t necessarily fit into your preferred type. Find a genuinely good person and don’t write them off straight away.

People tend to visualize an ideal partner that meets all comprehensive criteria in their heads. But being the right fit is more than being a perfect person on paper. Even if they haven’t traveled half of the world or aren’t well-versed in a particular field, don’t compare them to a checklist they don’t seem to meet. People’s appeal depends on how well we know their personalities and their life story. See them for who they are and you’ll be happy you gave them a chance to open up.

Tip 8: Accept You’re Incompatible with Some People

If you are just dating, you will come across many people who simply do not suit you. That is not your fault and not theirs either. We live in a brilliant time when we can choose who we fall in love with and who we build a relationship with unlike people who were married off over the course of history. Therefore, this type of freedom is very special.

Your general nature and the way you behave while under stress determine your emotional compatibility. Also, similar pastimes play a role: two people having the same after-work routines have fewer problems in a relationship. Come to terms with this fact and don’t pretend a person is a good match for you when you know the two of you are incompatible.

Tip 9: Learn How to be Single in a Fun Way

Being alone does not mean that you have to be lonely. It’s time to walk the walk. They say you can’t be half of the whole if you don’t know which half you are. This means that you will not be ready to find your ideal partner until you are comfortable with yourself. When you can spend time alone, you should feel comfortable in your own skin and begin to realize your value as a person. This is the moment when you are ready to find someone who appreciates you for all you are.

A potential life partner does not want to have the feeling of merely filling voids in your life. You want to have fun together. By taking good care of yourself and developing yourself, you become freer, happier, healthier, wiser, more loving, calmer, more independent, and more secure within yourself. All the good things.

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