The best dating sites to marry a foreigner

In 2017, America spent $ 2 billion on datelling sites. Today it is a rapidly developing system of communication, and online datings are becoming increasingly popular among busy people.In the Russian-speaking space there are many free dating sites, where in the majority "women" are trafficked for money. If you turn to inexpensive sites with foreign public, such as travelgirls, etc., in their clientele there are both young and adult men, with any income and with any intentions. Almost 50% of the messages will be sent by the Turks and Arabs, as well as many proposals on the topic of escort.

Married to a foreigner - citizenship

One of the privileges of relations with a foreigner is the possibility of obtaining citizenship. This is the point many girls put on the first place. But do not forget that the relationship - it's not just some benefit, but it's feelings.

If a girl wants to weed out frivolous men who can not afford love at a distance or are not serious about the issue of a Slavic girlfriend, in this case it is best to contact the local agency. Agencies in Ukraine work with such powerful companies as:

An important step in this direction is the selection of an agency for work. The agency should be client-oriented, not Money-oriented.

How to recognize what is hidden behind the screens of the computers of the agency's managers

Ask the agency representative:

  • Do girls receive many gifts from men through the site (online delivery)? If the answer is positive, then a) you want to attract it; b) the agency is money-oriented.

  • Clarify how many clients and translators traveled abroad due to their agency. If it is a couple of cases, this agency does not take its business beyond its own personal interests, and all communication between customers is preferred to be left on the network. Thus, it is unlikely that you will go somewhere and get acquainted with someone in general.

  • Clarify how many successful stories and marriages were in the agency. If all these cases can be counted on the fingers, this agency is also focused exclusively on money, not on the result for customers. I personally know a lot of dating agencies that hide from clients the desire of men to come to Ukraine and get acquainted, because the agency is not interested to lose the client, bringing in income. In the event that acquaintance for her will have a fateful character, the agency will no longer be able to make money online.

  • If you managed to communicate with the agency director, unobtrusively ask, whether personally he (she) personally knows the men who use the site, how often the leader travels abroad (this is, after all, international business). If the director is not interested in clients, then, of course, he is not client-oriented.

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