How to check a profile on a dating site for fraud

Fraud on chinese dating sites is a real business. New female questionnaires are registered daily, scammers immediately take them into processing and squeeze out money. Some scammers operate alone, others build entire networks of accounts.

They write most often newcomers who have not yet encountered a negative in international acquaintances. On forums and in personal correspondence, the girls told me that scammers most often mimic the Americans. Often crooks are no Americans or Spaniards, but your fellow citizens with Google Translator.

Some dating sites, for example, FdatingNatashaClub especially warn users not to send money to Internet-acquaintances. For a request to send money, you can get a complaint and be removed from the site. Despite such warnings, fraud is rampant. I advise you not to lose time and to check the candidate as soon as possible.

Check the photo in the service "Google Images"

Often scammers find an attractive photo on the Internet and put it in their profile, because there are demand for beautiful men. Your task is to make sure that there are no photos of the same man under a different name. You can also ask the interlocutor to send his photo with a certain gesture or inscription specially for you. A gentleman will not refuse a lady in such a whim, and the swindlers will not have time for these stupidities.

Check the listener in the scammers lists

Type in the search for "black lists of suitors", "list of scammers." You will receive links to sites, forums, discussions. Look, there are no references to the man with whom you communicate. It is unlikely that scammers will use the same accounts for a variety of deceptions, but among them there are also lazy ones. Read the forums and learn someone else's experience.  Here you can read about scammers (scammers), "virtual writers", see personal stories. The forum is useful for girls who are serious about finding a husband from abroad. Well, a lot of hell for those who love hell.

Check the text of the first letter in the anti-plagiarism program 

Scammers exchange texts of letters on their network. They can also copy the letter template from the forum about the scamers, hoping that the girl will not bother looking for plagiarism. Use or another resource. It will show the number of matches in the text and the source where the repeating fragment is placed. Make sure that the text is not posted on the site devoted to the Scamers theme.

Call the man in skype or any other video messenger

Most likely, the scammer will refuse. He simply does not have time for this: he needs to write to other girls. In addition, in Skype you will immediately see that the pictures placed in the questionnaire do not correspond to reality. The refusal of Skype is difficult to explain, so if the object refuses - goodbye. Take a closer look at the details. In the stories of scammers there are always discrepancies, because you are many, and he is alone, he has no time to complain about his letters. For example, he says that he lives in a big house, and on the video shows only a small room. Or he writes that he has a house and 8 acres (3.2 hectares) of land, and the next day reports that he has 5 acres (2 hectares). As in the example below. Well, the man took another template, well, it happens:

How not to lose money, even if you were not asked about them

Sometimes on a mexican dating site you can lose money, even if you are not asked for them. For example, if a man has appointed you a meeting, but he did not show up for it. Here are the main mistakes.

Go to the man's house for your money

A man invites to visit. A woman comes, and he ignores this meeting. The reasons can be many: maybe he has a drinking-bout, or maybe he's just a bad person. There are many stories on the forums about such cases when traveling abroad. Ask the man to make an official invitation to your visit. This requires the provision of personal data. A man who is not serious will refuse such a step. Sometimes a man says: "Come to visit me. Buy tickets - I will return you on the spot. " No, let him buy tickets for your name.

Invite a man to your house

You never know what an Internet friend will throw out. At first it may seem stupid to invite a stranger to his home. But men weave such networks out of words, press on emotions, logic and anything you like, just to spend a good time, and at the same time to profit from anything from your property. Ask the guest to bring copies of the passport pages where the name and address will be visible. Have them show you when you meet at the airport. If you are uncomfortable, say that crazy Russian KGB officers can then invite you to an interrogation and you do not want to take risks.


  • Take care if you receive a message that does not contain references to your profile.

  • Do not react to emotional provocation: a sick child, got into a hospital, forced to seek political asylum.

  • Check the man on Google - it's done in five minutes.

  • Do not send money, even if the man has passed all the checks.

  • Do not call your address to a person you have never met.

  • Check passport.

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