How to start a serious relationship with a foreigner? Main tool: a dating site

For successful acquaintance with foreigners through the site, your main task is to understand the psychology of his thinking.

One of the tools is a dating site. There are a lot of foreigners on such sites.

Where you can register

  • On Russian-language sites that position themselves as acquaintances with foreigners: FindBrideLavaplaceUkraineWoman. On them you can indicate your city or the capital of your country (where there is more traffic of men) 

  • You can apply to different agencies, which we do not recommend doing;

  • On foreign dating sites, such as Mingle2GoDateNowBridesandloversChemistry, DateHookUp

If you can do it, your happy marriage is almost assured!

For successful acquaintance with foreigners through the site, your main task is to understand the psychology of his thinking. They are less spoiled by women. In Europe and the US, there are far fewer beautiful women than in the CIS. Therefore, our women often and successfully jumped in marriage, for example, to the Germans.

What exactly should I do to marry a foreigner through a dating site?

External factor

If you get acquainted with foreigners for marriage, pay attention, first of all, to your appearance. It is not necessary to be sexual - it is more important to position yourself as femininity, gentleness, as well as grooming, but not necessarily sexuality.

Psychological factor

The next moment to be understood is what these men lack, why they are looking for a woman not in their own country. In Thailand you can see there are many Europeans, many Englishmen, Americans who communicate with Thai women. Why is that? Why do not they communicate with their own, for example, American women? Because Thai women give them something that local women do not give.

What can not be done if you want to marry a foreigner

Of course, you can manipulate, of course, you can play games, but you have to understand that any manipulation, any game - do not respond quickly to messages, do not pick up the phone, talk rudely, argue - it's all over in the long run ... not very good.

If you need not just dating with foreigners, but a happy relationship, first of all, deal with these issues:

  • Why do they look at our women?

  • What do they need from our women, what do not they give local women?

Answer for yourself and try to give it, remaining yourself.

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