Top 5 Online Dating Sites to Find in 2018

All around the world, more and more couples try online dating and end up living together. The current age of modern technologies urges men and women to look for love online. As another trend shows, Western men do not mind dating chinese women from Eastern European countries. To find a trustworthy site among many platforms, it is a good idea to check out reviews and ratings. This list of top online dating sites will help you find the right one!

A few years back, the online dating websites were stigmatized as the last resort for all the desperate singles. It was rather shameful to admit that one had a dating profile on any match-making website. With tech-savvy people joining the club and making online dating services more exciting, people started boarding the bandwagon. It is estimated that there are several thousand websites in the world but it is quite unfortunate that most of them are a scam. People are bluffed through fake profiles, making it difficult for them to take these platforms seriously. We present you a list of top online american dating sites helping you to rely on authentic dating platforms. Review

Rating: 4/5

There are a number of Russian dating sites but has been able to make a strong name for itself. It is a convenient website for those who are looking for a good match in Russia and Ukraine. Through the subscription, you can access thousands of profiles of the local women who are looking for husbands. Each and every profile has been verified with a face-to-face interview with the girl herself. This is to ensure that no dodge is involved in the website.

  • This dating site connects women from Eastern European countries to western men who are looking for serious relationships
  • One of the foremost advantages of this website is that it allows you to view the member profiles before registering yourself
  • Features such as messaging, letter correspondence, and video chat are available for making contact with the potential matches
  • There are 4 different membership levels with the bronze level being the basic one and allowing free use of the available features Review

Rating: 3/5

When you consider the names of dating websites, this particular platform stands out. It specializes in matching men from around the world to the most suitable women in Eastern Europe. A number of female profiles on the website are added from local marriage agencies which tend to operate them as well. This does create a hindrance in communication because of a third party being involved. As soon as you register on this website, you can browse through the various profiles available.

  • It has a simple registration process and navigating through the website is convenient.

  • There are a number of attractive beautiful Russian women on the website.

  • A large number of the women are directly added from the belarus marriage agencies.

  • One can avail the features of messaging, chatting, and video calling to connect with any of the Russian girls.

  • Translation services are available as well.

  • Use credits to open the incoming letters and without reading them first, you cannot send letters yourself. Review

Rating: 4/5

In the list of mexican online dating sites, definitely acquires one of the top positions. It is multinational, thus, having a wider reach as compared to its competitors. This is a social dating site which has been designed for people with all kinds of interests. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a simple hook-up, there are wide options available to you.

  • A dating giant available in 24 nations and 15 languages.

  • No specialized niche so it can prove to be an obstacle for Russian dating.

  • There are a number of features and add-ons to help in an advanced search for a compatible match.

  • It comes with a free app too.

  • Some of the features on the website are too expensive to be availed.

  • The recurring subscription will make you pay even if you are not using the website frequently. Review

Rating: 3/5

This real dating site will help you find true love in the right place. The website is full of mesmerizing and beautiful Eastern European women and gives more exposure to international dating. The website is the oldest in the world of online dating world as it was formed in 1993, however, this doesn’t mean that it is old-school when it comes to features and services. By integrating the modern technologies, it has turned itself into one of the top websites for singles.

  • There is strict background checking and verification so all the profiles on this website are genuine.

  • It also provides translation services by experienced interpreters.

  • This website is not for those who are looking for serious relationships. Quite often, the girls are there just to pass their time and are not looking for a husband.

  • The price is very high so it might not be a feasible option for all. Review

Rating: 3/5

This dating platform has surely made a name for itself in the list of online dating sites.

  • There is a limited number of female profiles on this website.

  • The main specialization in Ukrainian dating so Russian dating is sidelined and occupies very little space.

  • Most of the features are free but some of them do require membership which doesn’t come cheap.

  • There are chances of scam because the customer reviews suggest that they have been bluffed multiple times.

  • Live translation services are only available for platinum members.

Online dating sites have turned into a multi-million-dollar industry which helps people in finding true love for themselves. However, there are individuals who are looking for quick money and quite often use such services to scam innocent people. It is better to go through the reviews to ensure that you are surfing through a legit website and not wasting your time.

Instead of directly being scammed, you can check the reviews and learn about different dating websites. Being naïve can cost you all your hard-earned money. Take care and enjoy online dating to the full!

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