European dating sites with foreigners

Russian women in the representation of many foreigners - the ideal of the wife. Kind, caring, economic, sincerely devoted to the family ... Who would refuse to introduce such a spouse into his house? This is the secret of the popularity of Slavic brides in Western countries.

Which European sites should I register?

We advise you to avoid resources like eHarmony, eDarling and Be2. In any case, do not make big bets on them. The automatic pairing system that they use does not inspire much confidence, and money will have to pay a lot.

If you really invest in online dating, then on the site There is quite a decent contingent, and many men from European countries. Although registration with Russian IP is difficult there, you will have to use a special dynamic address.

Those who are looking for a site with good, respectable suitors, we recommend Findbride.

Be prepared also for the fact that not always men-Europeans are ready to accept the typical behavior of a Slav woman at once. That creates a lot of problems when trying to engage with them. The natural interest in his personal affairs often seems to the foreign cavalier to be unceremonious, a violation of the distance on the part of the woman. Over time, of course, he will let you into his world, but at the initial stage of communication this is too unusual. How to behave on a European dating site with foreigners, so as not to scare away the potential gentleman with excessive care? And how much can we be frank?

Of course, when we start a close relationship with a man, we want to be as open and honest with him as possible, and we all aspire to receive in return. But full trust and mutual understanding is, perhaps, a myth.

When communicating through dating sites, all that we know about our interlocutor is what he himself indicated in his personal data, and what he said in his letters. Some of this information is quite feasible to check using the Internet. But most of the information you need to take a word. On the one hand, while a man has not been convicted of deceit, one should not suspect him of anything. On the other hand, until you have met him live, do not tell the virtual interlocutor all the details of your personal life.

Do not arrange a foreigner "interrogation"

It is also worth remembering that everyone has the right to personal space. Abroad, it is protected no less zealously than freedom, property and other human rights. It is important to consider the mentality of your interlocutor. As a rule, in most countries of Europe, for example, in England and in Germany, it is not customary to come to visit, even to close friends, and parents live separately from adult children and do not interfere with their family life. In other words, there is a lack of familiarity, and there are not enough lovers to open their hearts wide, as Russian people often do. So if, while carrying out quite comfortable communication on the European dating site with foreigners, you will notice that a man does not confide too much with you, try to accept his position.

Moreover, even in marriage, husband and wife are not required to tell each other everything. Because sometimes the ultimate veracity can look like cruelty. We are not always powerful over our feelings and emotions. If we voiced all our thoughts in the presence of other people, even the closest and loved ones, for sure we would have had more quarrels and quarrels. And so, if you, for example, feel tired and irritated, you do not need to spill them out onto your European Internet friend. It's enough just to write that at the moment you do not have the desire to communicate without going into details.

Of course, such considerations of frankness and personal space are only valid if the matter does not concern really important things. If you start a relationship with a man who has been married for a long time and yet, while talking to you on a European dating site with foreigners, did not tell you about it, not wanting to upset it, it will already be a banal lie. And it's not the defense of one's personal space. So, ideally, when acquainting with foreigners and building relationships, it is important to observe some balance. Which, Reliable European dating sites on the one hand, will preserve in your union trust and honesty, and on the other - will allow you to leave each other some freedom and independence.

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