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We are welcoming the new year 2018 today, so it’s time to look back on the highs and lows of 2017.The dating world has been busy over the last 12 months. We saw big breakups (Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Fergie and Josh Duhamel) and even bigger hookups (hey, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle). We said goodbye to tiger selfies on Tinder. Plenty of Fish and eHarmony embraced embraced digital assistants. The League turned profile pictures black and white. Bumble took a stand against hate groups. And even a rhino tried to swipe for a mate.

To make sense of it all, Zoosk reviewed dating from more than 40 million members, and reviewed the biggest dating trends of 2017. What’s in: lunch dates, higher education, nice guys, guac. What’s out: sluggish messaging, mocking vegans, too many filters. Check out the highlights below.

#1 Nice Guys Finish First

Finally, we can put that old adage to rest. Men who use words like thoughtful, listener, polite, giving, community, give back, or friendly in their profile get up to 66% more messages than the average. A man who calls himself a knight in shining armor could score up to 67% more messages with his chivalry.

#2 Filter At Your Own Risk

Narrowing your search criteria may seem like an obvious way to find the kind of partner you’re looking for faster, but a Zoosk study found the opposite to be true. Subjects who used filters to find their matches sent out more messages, but received 11% fewer replies than those who turned them off.

#3 Age Is Just A Number

Singles are increasingly happy to date outside their age range. Zoosk members were 9% more likely to like, message, or have a conversation with someone ten years older or younger than them in 2017 than they were in 2016.

#4 Schooling Is Sexy

Another reason to slog through all those midterms and homework assignments: people who have a bachelor’s or advanced degree are seen as more attractive by online daters, and receive up to 17% more replies to their messages.

#5 Your Favorite Eats Could Be An Icebreaker

Food had an unexpectedly positive influence on romance, according to a Zoosk study. Singles saw an increase in inbound messages when they mentioned certain foods, particularly chocolate, potatoes, and the king of all Millennial foods, guacamole.

#6 Vegans And Vegetarians Have Gone Mainstream

Speaking of food, the stigma against vegans and vegetarians is gone at last. In 2015, messages that mentioned being vegetarian received 100% fewer replies than the average. But in 2017, dropping the V-word got 3% more replies. The other V-word also saw a serious boost: people who mentioned being vegan in their profile got 62% more incoming messages than average.

Want to know which cities have the chattiest daters? Or how long you should wait to reply to a message? Visit the Zoosk blog for more findings from the 2017 review and to find out more about the dating service check out our Zoosk review.

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