How to choose a service for a date?

A Dating through the Internet is fascinating and easy. However, remember that virtual communication involves certain risks. For example, a smart macho (hot babe) with a photo may turn out to be a pimply sloppy (unsympathetic plump in glasses). Or the interlocutor after a long correspondence suddenly does not come to the long-awaited meeting in real life.

Acquaintance through the Internet is fascinating and easy. However, remember that virtual communication involves certain risks. For example, a smart macho (hot babe) with a photo may turn out to be a pimply sloppy (unsympathetic plump in glasses). Or the interlocutor after a long correspondence suddenly does not come to the long-awaited meeting in real life. And these are flowers. For trustworthy intentions, a fraudster or a swindler may be hiding. Does this mean that dating from the Internet should be discarded? No. You just need to prepare. In order to protect yourself from intruders, it is enough to observe several rules:

  • never disclose any financial or personal information (passport or bank card data); 

  • Be careful with the various links - they can be harmful, even if they are sent by your counterpart (besides, no one is insured from hacking the page); 

  • appoint the first date with an online friend in a crowded place, tell your relatives where you are going, and keep the phone handy; 

  • do not hesitate to report your suspicions to the technical support or site administration (when spam mailing or insulting messages appear). 

So, armed with security tips, start choosing a dating service. Than guided? Determine which target audience the service has. Does it meet your wishes. If you are looking for a person in the "35+" category, you should not apply for a site with a predominant audience of up to 30 years. Look at how many questionnaires are on the resource and how new ones are emerging. However, the surplus of users is not always good. The questionnaire can get lost among millions of others. Read the reviews. They can be found on Learn about: 

  • what is the general atmosphere on the site; 

  • whether investments of money are required; 

  • Whether it is a lot of spam and fake accounts; 

  • whether there are stories of real serious relationships after dating on the resource, etc.

The most popular dating sites: and they lived happily ever after 

Our rating is different from what you can find on the Internet. We did not evaluate the services on the share in the online dat ing market (here, by the way, the unconditional leader is Mamba). The questionability in search engines or sonorous names was not taken as a guide. Did not take into account the number of users (it is not known how many profiles of 50 million "buried" and how many "hunt" for pleasure). Our rating is largely subjective. But at the heart of it are the responses of real people (a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, a childhood friend ...) and real stories with a happy ending. From the tale where "they lived happily ever after."

Love Planet: love and advertising

Love Planet is one of the most popular dating sites in Russia, covering also the audience of the nearest abroad. For 11 years of existence, about 19 million questionnaires were registered here. The registration procedure is quite simple, but if you do not purchase a paid account (about 350-500 rubles per month), the annoying advertisement will periodically appear on the screen, and the number of new contacts per day will be limited. To confirm the questionnaire at the initial stage of registration, a mobile phone number is requested.

Pros: many users, wide geographical coverage, free communication with a certain number of users. 
Cons: advertising, not very believable reviews on the site (someone married a man of dreams after 3 weeks), negative comments are deleted. 

Badoo: she lives on the fifth floor ... 

International dating site, attendance of which is more than 330 million. The selection of the candidate is rather weak, since there are no questionnaires: in fact, Badoo is a social network where the minimum information about the user is indicated. Reviews about the site are ambiguous, interesting here will be well-versed in foreign languages. 

Pros: the ability to see which of the users is nearby; worldwide coverage, free communication. 
Cons: selection of partners happens by accident; there are reviews that robots communicate with visitors, and not real people.

Mamba (Wamba): nothing personal 

Mamba - one of the first dating sites Runet, he is more than 14 years old. Today it covers 15 countries and more than 30 million audience. Reviews about the resource are mostly negative: there are a lot of spam and scammers here, they are looking for acquaintances, mostly for fleeting encounters, and not serious relationships, often users in the first message send photos of intimate content. On the international market, the resource was released under the Wamba brand, but, unfortunately, the shortcomings of the "Mamba" with the change of name did not disappear. 

Pros: wide geographical coverage and a large number of questionnaires. 
Cons: a lot of incredible reviews (about yachts, paradise islands, etc.), poor functionality without a VIP account, many suggestions for intimacy, the presence of robots, poor support services and unsatisfactory moderation, deleting negative comments.

Tinder: trending, but not serious

One of the most popular mobile applications for dating. Help According to the GlobalWebIndex study, mobile dating applications are installed on gadgets of 91 million people in the world. Of these, 50 million accounted for by Tinder. Here you can choose both a search for serious relationships, and for meetings without obligations. The audience is mostly younger than 30 years old. More than half of users are under 25 years of age. The main feature of the service is finding people to explore nearby. Reviews are mostly positive, but there are complaints about the presence of bots. 

Pros: convenience, clear interface, simple questionnaire, the main functions are free, wide coverage of users around the world, the choice of geotagging. 
Cons: the application often hangs and crashes, few people are looking for a serious relationship. 

Find a really interesting person even on the right dating site is not easy. We recommend that you pay attention to young "highly specialized" sites. In an effort to win the audience, they pay more attention to service and security. A narrow focus, for example, professional, sifts fans of something "hot". We wish good luck in search of the second half!

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