Great First Date Ideas on How to Spend Time with Your Girlfriend

First date ideas allow you to show your creativity and truly surprise your girlfriend. What are the best ways to do it? Try out some of these awesome tips!

Well, that happened! You have found a girlfriend among hundreds of Russian brides or American brides or Chinese brides! We often hear that finding a date is easier than ever in this day and age. That may be the case, except that it does not make first dates any easier. For breaking the ice and avoiding long pauses, nothing beats an activity that comes out of the ordinary dinner date. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate or ridiculously expensive—just something fun you put some thought into.

Reinvented Classics

Food Scavenger Hunt

Who says you have to choose one place to eat and that should be it? Go to a bunch of places in one night - divide and conquer. Have some drinks and an appetizer at the first place and before you get bored of it, go to another location for your main course. You can do this in two ways: either show them your favorite places and visit theirs or try completely new restaurants. If you go the first route, you get to know each other by sharing your personal faves. If not, be adventurous and explore unknown territories.

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinemas outperform regular ones on multiple levels. First off, you can actually participate in a conversation. For that reason, don’t overthink what film you want to watch, since it acts more like a backdrop. Ultimately, it can be a good old classic and you can quote the lines together. Then, you are allowed to bring all the snacks you want and it won’t cost you a fortune like in the cinema. If you don’t feel comfortable getting into a car with someone on a first date, sit on the grass or chairs that are set out for moviegoers. There aren’t many reasons not to be outside if the weather is cooperating.

Trivia Night

Make a bar date more refreshing by dropping in for a trivia night that includes putting your thinking caps on and some healthy competition. The point is not to show off your intelligence but work as a team and have fun. You can bring your friends along or make new ones by teaming up with strangers. Either way, you are guaranteed an intense night (in a good way). You can stay for drinks afterward and discuss the game.

Share New Experiences


Want to find a creative way to get to know your new crush? Try an exhibition! Be mindful of the time though; don’t do a long visit of the entire museum. Otherwise, this first date, with cultural accents, will immediately remind you of a boring school trip. So, we recommend a single exhibition, which should be enough to spark a conversation about the art displayed and life in general. Whether it is photography, sculptures or paintings, art is a medium that allows us to learn a lot about the person we talk with.

Comedy Show

If you are worried about an awkward silence, why not let professional entertainers do half the work? You can see if they laugh at the same things as you and if you share the same sense of humor. Chances are you’d like to know that information before it gets too serious. You’ll be occupied for some time and have some interesting topics to discuss later. Stand-up comedy is often based on current events presented in a light-hearted way, so this creates a great opportunity to learn what your date’s social and political views are.

Wine Tasting

Instead of having a face to face dinner, which can be quite nerve-wracking, wine tasting is always a good reason to have a few glasses of wine and calm your nerves. Having other people involved creates an interactive, lively atmosphere. The tasting can also be an excuse to set up the next date, by choosing a wine you both save for later. If wine isn’t up your alley but you're still interested in, there are plenty of things you can substitute such as sipping cocktails or eating cheese or dessert.

Flipping a Coin

If you are indecisive or want to create a little adventure during your date, leave your decision up to fate. Make up the rules as you go, but you can loosely follow the following formula. Heads are right, tails are left. Start walking and every time you find yourself at an intersection, flip the coin and go there. You don’t know where you will end up and there are no expectations. No one is let down if something doesn't go as planned because nothing was planned.

Find Common Interests

Activity or Sporting Event

Why sit down and just eat if you can enjoy a shared activity? You’d be better off skating, penny boarding or playing a round of golf – whatever suits your interests. It will help you bond over a common interest and see how both of you act naturally. When you’re focused, your behavior becomes more genuine and you show your true colors to the other person. End the sports session somewhere where you can still say a few words to each other.


You can’t argue that great music makes for great memories. Concerts set the right mood and the dim lighting adds to the overall romance. You won’t have to worry about how it looks, what actually counts is the experience. You most likely will know the artist playing, or have heard of their music. Take this occasion to talk about the artist, or branch out into other topics during the set break. Music is about feelings, so why not prompt some moving conversations?

Book Signing

These events where authors introduce their latest books are held relatively regularly and you can even have a chat with the author. If you are both into books, at least to some extent, book signings are an interesting mixture of expanding your cultural background, engaging in a social event and having personal conversations. If a particular genre is not what you normally go for, you can still go with an open mind and enjoy it. You will both leave with a memento from your date as an added bonus.

Keep it Casual

Breakfast Date

If you are fed up with the same old night dates, have breakfast together. It is a casual and safe way to meet with someone you met online or when you have been set up on a blind date. There is no alcohol involved and you will clearly see who the person is in the light of day. If there really is chemistry, the date could be extended to something lengthier. If not, nothing is easier than telling him that you have other plans scheduled.

Local Events

Is there a local street fair? Or a flea market? Farmers market? Check out what local events the city has prepared for you. If you haven’t heard about any events, search social media for updated information. The more unique, the better. You can walk around, try different foods you never would try or find a piece of furniture you would have remained undiscovered. It is a great conversation starter and an opportunity to learn what the other person likes. Do whatever feels comfortable. If it gets too noisy and crowded, you’re free to leave anytime.

Walking Your Dogs

If by any chance, both of you have dogs or you happen to be dog-sitting, take them for a walk and let them be the ice-breaker. It’s not the most romantic date but will definitely allow you to bond. It may not seem like it at first but you will have quite a variety of things to do. You can show them your neighborhood or explore theirs, take a detour and look around a new area, or even go for a run. If it goes well, stop by a coffee place and have a mini picnic at the park. As a bonus, your dog should also enjoy this activity.  

Bike Ride

Tied to the idea of exploring neighborhoods, is another bonding experience if you are meeting for the first time. Renting bikes is getting increasingly more trendy and inexpensive in many cities, whether you rent them for a half-hour, an hour, or all day. With all the bike lanes, the city infrastructure is also on your side. Don’t pretend like it's a race, and bike at your own relaxing pace so that you can talk during your ride. Like other concepts on this list, you can extend the bike ride for as long as you want or go to another destination.

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