7 Sexy Date Ideas: You Will Want to Try Them Out

Dates, and especially first dates, can make anybody nervous. People try not only to know each other better, but to have a good time together that is worth repeating. After some evenings out, dates are inevitably getting similar. Instead of following one and the same path, go to the same place, and do the same things, try out some of these spicy and sexy Russian date ideas! Western men can easily borrow some tricks to surprize their ladies.

Sexy Russian date ideas bring one main quality into your life - spice. They add the sense of adventure your love life needs. Who needs boredom? Who could do with dullness? These ideas introduce variety into your life. They bring the newness that you need to build what could very well turn into a long-term relationship. Without implementing some of these ideas, you could be forced into a dull love life. The spontaneity that your romance-filled relationship needs would also be a missing ingredient. You can change all that by organizing or going to sexy date nights. For that to happen, a few sexy date ideas would be worth putting into practice.

1. Going for a Dance Class

#1 Sexy Russian Date Ideas: Going for a Dance Class


Dancing — as a remedy for bringing in a new fire into your relationship — has never grown old and useless or less effective. It helps to bring you back together. It works well for all types of couples regardless of the time they have been in a relationship together. Try to perfect your skills in a dance the two of you used to be pretty good at. Alternatively, try something new like the latest dancing craze. Two of the sexiest dancing styles — tango and salsa — would be worth the effort. The result the dance produces would make it a guaranteed tool wherever you feel that your marriage or love life needs a bit of oomph. Based on these results, there is no denying the fact that dance classes are romantic and sexy date ideas.

2. Bathing Together

#2 Sexy Russian Date Ideas: Bathing Together


It is interesting how the solution to some of life’s most troubling moments often lies in simplicity. For example, who knew that bathing together can reintroduce the fire that has been lacking in your love life? You could go all out on a bath bomb. That luxurious bath could also do you some wonders. Make sure that the surroundings are full of sexy music and candles to create the perfect atmosphere for total seduction. Look for pre-packed bath gifts to use with your lover as you share the bathroom together. Use whatever supply you can lay your hands on to create memorable, sensual and sexy date nights.

3. Testing Aphrodisiacs

#3 Sexy Russian Date Ideas: Testing Aphrodisiacs


You might be wondering why this is in the list of sexy date night ideas? Well, the truth is that the aphrodisiacs can turn your life around. They are ideal for any couple whose sex life can be described as dead. A taste adventure is probably the best solution for you tonight. Buy as many aphrodisiacs as you can afford. Ask your Russian lover to be around in the night instead of going out with friends. Look for the kind of products that are renowned for the seductive properties they possess. Oysters would be a good option for the seductive qualities they boast of. Chocolate fondue, on the other hand, would be ideal based on its more sensual nature.

4. Performing Striptease

Burlesque has captured the imagination of many people around the world, not just in Russia. For this reason, you should take advantage of this interest to engage in a bit of striptease with your lover. Make the session as personalized as possible for your lover. Fill the room with your lover’s favorite stuff, especially the kind of items that could only stimulate or arouse the soulmate sexually. One of the items that could cause the partner to react in a way you envision would be a good choice of sexy underwear. If you don’t have any, visit the nearest departmental or clothing store to buy the underwear and any other item you need, and you will realize why striptease is a powerful sexy date idea.

5. Visit Unconventional Locations

#5 Sexy Russian Date Ideas: Visit Unconventional Locations


Life is not all about the conventional. A bit of the unconventional could make your life more interesting. You cannot – and should never – run out of ideas regarding the best places for sexy date nights. Forget the restaurant, hotel or movie house. Go to a place that prepares and serves the kinds of foods you have never tasted. Try new cuisine that you have never heard about. Visit the sort of location that’s likely to set your adrenaline levels rushing through the roof. Tour your town; organize a dinner date out by the river; go out on a playdate; put your bingo skills — or lack thereof — to the test; or go to the highest point in your town and enjoy the view of everything that is below.

6. Go Somewhere Fancy

#6 Sexy Russian Date Ideas: Go Somewhere Fancy


At times, the ideas behind sexy dating require delving into a bit of pampering each other. That could eventually lead to the two of you serving yourselves a hot round of romance. Visiting a fancy location or place could just be the sort of activity the two of you need. Visit that luxury hotel that you have always considered out of your league. Once inside the hotel, use your time together to pleasure each other in every little or large space you can find. Use this opportunity to live out some of your deepest and wildest fantasies. Make noise. Play with every prop and costume you can find. For a better deal, you would be best advised to visit such luxurious destinations during the weeknights when off-peak rates are in vogue.

7. Sensual Massage

#7 Sexy Russian Date Ideas: Massage Your Lover


A sensual massage is a way to go for anyone interested in sexy Russian date ideas! Nothing gets you in the mood better or faster than the sensual massage. Ensure that the massage is both relaxing and seductive. Focus on providing your partner with skin-to-skin massage. You would be right to spend money on warm massage stone if your lover is interested in a session with an unusual twist. Massage bars are equally effective and worth spending money on too. Use any of the supplies that make each massage more delightful to your partner. In the meantime, spare some time to improve your massage skills and surprise your partner with an unforgettable experience.

Are you still interested in romantic and sexy date ideas? The information provided above should prove quite helpful to you. Use these spicy night plans to impress your lover. Apply any you find the most suitable in your situation. Set aside 2-3 nights a month for one or more of these ideas, and your partner would appreciate it! Be as spontaneous as possible. Try to mix these sexy Russian date ideas instead of limiting yourself to just one or two all the time. After all, haven’t you heard about the spice that variety introduces to life? Take advantage of any free time you have to invest in fresh ideas!

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