15 Steps to Get Laid on the First Date

How to get laid on the first date? Many men ask this question and want to know what to do exactly. These 15 steps will help you have sex with on the first date.

We live in the 21st century. This is a century of fast dating and online relationships. If you are living in the US, you can easily meet a girl among lovely Russian brides or stylish French women on a dating app or website. And one day, after a long chat on the Internet, you can meet in real life. Your dating opportunities are unlimited. Nowadays, no one will judge a woman for having an intimate relationship on the first date. If a woman stays for a night with a man on their first date, it does not mean that she’s frivolous. On the contrary, it means that the man was able to charm her and she trusted him. Only an interesting and quite a persistent man can achieve sex on the first date.

Why Is It Important to Get Laid on the First Date?

It is necessary to show a woman that as a man you are a potential lover and not just a friend as early as possible. After a night together, a woman will fall in love with a man faster. Although a lot depends on how good a man is in bed. Finally, if a woman responds positively to your desire to have sex with her, it means that she is interested in you and your relationship can become more serious if both of you want it to. Now let's take a step by step look at how to get laid on the first date.

Step 1. Getting Ready for Sex

Of course, mentally you are always ready to have sex with a woman, but have you prepared your house, apartment, and bedroom? She will feel more comfortable if your place is clean and the apartment smells nice. To create an intimate atmosphere, it is better to take care of dim light in your bedroom. It will also make your bedroom cozy for a shy lady that might have some body issues. Also, make sure you have at least three condoms with you. Pay close attention to your appearance and cologne.

Step 2. Start the Date at Your Home

No woman will come home to an unknown man so you need to be smart. You need to make sure that she visits your home before a date. When your place will become familiar to her, she will know that it is safe to go there.

Make an appointment somewhere near your house so you can get there in 10 minutes on foot or by car. When you meet the girl, pretend that you forgot to turn off the tap or iron. Now, you have a reason to bring her to your apartment. Don’t try to seduce a woman straight away. You brought her here to get used to your residence and make her feel comfortable and safe. At the end of the date, it will be easier to bring a woman back to a familiar place. So, show her your apartment and don't forget about the bedroom.

Step 3. Active Date

Your date will consist of two parts. First, entertain the woman so that she feels bright emotions and has fun. You need to come up with an interesting, exciting, and active date to make her body release the endorphins in her blood. This will make her want to touch you or give you a hug. For example, you can attend a dance lesson (choose a passionate dance) or ride a balloon, go bowling or ride a horse. During this activity, it will be easier for you to touch the woman, hug her, or even hold her waist. She will definitely be surprised by such an original beginning to the date.

Step 4. Change of Scenery

The time has come for a change of scenery to a more romantic one. It is extremely important to radically change the situation to make a woman feel that you have known each other for a while and went out for a number of dates. Also, a shared adventure will strengthen your emotional connection. For a more romantic part, it will be perfect to go to a bar or cafe with a quiet romantic atmosphere. It will strengthen the desire of the woman.

Step 5. Charm a Woman and Make Her Trust You

To make a woman sleep with you, you should make her trust you and show her you’re interested. To do this, you just need to talk to her. Show yourself as an interesting man and use your sense of humor. Tell her about your hobbies. It's essential that you really have something to say. So, think in advance about what hobbies, trips, stories, and interesting life situations you can speak about.

Step 6. Act Gradually

You are a man that will guide a woman from first meeting to bed. The whole process depends on you. You decide where you will go on a date and when you will change the location. You will ask the woman to come to your place. You take off her bra and panties. Women love confident men, and they are ready to follow such men. So, control the process, take your time, but do not delay the seduction.

Step 7. She Will Understand Your Gaze

At the very beginning, as well as during a date, look at the woman as if you are telling her how sexy she is and how you want to undress her. Thus, she will feel desired, and it will set the mood you need.

Step 8. Flirt with Her

Throughout the date, you need to maintain a playful atmosphere and flirt with a woman. Have fun, give her cute compliments, but do not overdo it. She shouldn't think you're flattering her. Do not play the role of a cool macho. Make jokes and be open to laughing at ridiculous stories. Women love active men that can involve them in an interesting conversation.

Step 9. Touch

Do you want to have sex on the first date? Then you need to enter the personal space of the woman. You already know important the power of touch is. You had a chance to touch her during the active part of the date. In a cafe or bar, take her hand and touch her hair. Use any excuse to do it. If she is not against your actions, then you can put your hand on her knee. This increases the level of excitement in women.

Step 10. Shorten the Distance

Once she has allowed touching her, you need to fully enter her personal space. In the calm and romantic atmosphere of the bar, sit next to the woman and not in front of her. Make sure your feet are close to hers. Touch her knee, take her hand, and look straight into her eyes during the conversation. This way, you will make a woman want you.

Step 11. Kisses

Don't delay the kiss. If you lightly kiss a woman at 11 pm, you won't find yourself in bed with her at midnight. Therefore, it is important to kiss her as soon as possible. The best moment for a first kiss is the active part of your date when the release of endorphins has clouded her mind. How do you do this? During dance lessons, when she relaxes next to you, look into her eyes and kiss her. It is important to choose the moment when she is really happy. For example, when she enthusiastically looks at the view that opens up during a ride in a hot air balloon. During the romantic part of your date, when you have already fully entered into her confidence, kiss her. It is necessary that her excitement is increased.

Step 12. Conversation

Tell a woman about yourself to set an emotional connection. Let her know that you will always be interesting for her because you are a cheerful and adventurous person. Tell her stories from your life and share your plans for the future. A woman loves with her ears so make her want to listen to your stories and enjoy learning more about your life.

Step 13. Be Able to Listen

This step is closely related to the previous one. She will not be interested in only listening, but she also wants to participate in the conversation. So, let her speak, listen to her carefully, and look her in the eye. Ask interesting questions and pay attention to details. If you’re watching, a girl will always show you hints how to seduce her. Listen carefully to what she likes. For example, if you go home by car, play her favorite song. She'll notice you've been listening to her. This will strengthen the feeling of a deep connection between you.

Step 14. Take Her Home

You've completely entered her personal space. It's the perfect time to go back to where it all began, which is your home. You don't have to ask a woman to come to your house. She should feel the romance up until the last moment. So, find a reason to come back to your place. For example, say it's late, but you'd like to continue the evening. Invite her to have a glass of fine wine. Be persistent as it is natural if she begins to hesitate. She already was at your place so her doubts will pass quickly.

Step 15. Sex On the First Date

Hug and kiss the girl on the way home. Do not allow a decrease in the level of sexual attraction. When you arrive home, forget about the wine and talk. Start kissing her before you get to the bedroom. When you come to bed, she should already be partially naked. Now, you can execute what you've so carefully prepared.

People look for a partner and sex at any age and not only when they are young. Let's have a look at how a man over the age of 45 can succeed at online dating.

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