«International» dating sites. Truth and craftiness

Internet users of both sexes turn to search engines with the query «international dating sites» to solve a specific problem. In any of the former 15 Union republics, such a search query is used primarily by women. A successful marriage for a woman is a great luck. Moving to another country, a calm and even relationship with her husband is the dream of many women. And the first thing you need to do on the way to your dream is to find the right site where you can meet with foreign men. So what's the problem? Why do hundreds of thousands of Russian women fail to reach their cherished goal? Most likely, the matter is in the unsuccessfully chosen platform. In an unsuccessfully chosen dating site.

If such a request is driven in the window of the browser - "international dating site" or "international free dating site", or "international dating site for serious relationship", the search engine will give out sites for men. There is no clerical or typographical error. Such a search query in Russian provides sites for male foreigners looking for a warm young Slavic body. Every word is important except for the one that indicates the temperature.And to check it is very easy. On the example of the most popular "international" dating site among Russians - RussianCupid.

This site is made exclusively for men. We look at the title page of the site. On the title page Russian beauty (without irony). Young, attractive, with an open neck and hands. Go down below and read the recommendations. You will understand that the instruction on the site is focused exclusively on the male audience. And watch the video, it's there just below and to the right of the description.

Here is a picture from a video. Who left? Where does the arrow show? Who stands aside and waits?

Another remarkable feature that few people pay attention to. At the bottom of the site are listed other "international" branches of the company. The pictures there are also talking.

Ukrainian branch

Mexican Branch

Philippine Branch

Unclear conclusion, but it must be done, no matter how painful it is. This system of sites is created for male-intrants who are looking for young Slavs, Thai women, Brazilian women, Mexicans ... And then there is quite a reasonable question - where are similar sites for Frenchwomen, German women and English women, for example? It's strange, why there is no French, Italian, Spanish or German branch of this site. Imagine an English version of the site with the slogan "Find your English Beauty".

So the conclusions are disappointing:

  • The site is made for men;

  • for men in search of a young companion (I was not able to find a woman on any site at least at the age of 25+). And is it worth wondering then that in the male questionnaires of uncles, who have exceeded 50, the age of the chosen one is "not older than 35". The site was shown to the man all at once on the front page: "Men! Welcome to the young beauties. "

  • women from Russia and Ukraine are moving in search of happiness in a single stream with women from Mexico, Indonesia .... and what else is there?

  • In the video instructions, men are told and shown how he chooses his chosen one from the crowd of women. The woman in this video role is passive - "stand aside ..."

In our opinion, a dating site is a platform where men and women get acquainted with each other. This is not a place where elderly and concerned men from all over the world choose young girls from different countries. For this phenomenon, you need to pick up some other word, and it will not be from decent ...

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