Is it worth paying for dating on the Internet? Which dating site is better?

People often ask our dating experts: why do you recommend paid sites for your clients? Is it worth paying for the pleasure of meeting the Internet?

Hundreds of free sites give the opportunity to write to hundreds of people who are quite suitable for you. And if you ask yourself which dating sites are free, then you will find out that such sites as

proudly called the numbers of active members - hundreds of thousands online at the same time!

So what's the point, which vietnamese dating site is best to choose? Why spend money on paid membership on dating sites for serious relationships, in some, or There are reasons. Paid and free sites differ from each other. Those who managed to "hit" on both lawns, this is particularly noticeable. There are significant differences, there are not very noticeable. The main thing is that you must clearly understand why you came to the Internet and what is important to you today. Therefore, before deciding how much to unbind for virtual communication, answer for yourself a few questions.

Are the new serious relationship your main goal right now?

If the answer is "yes", then perhaps you should invest in the opportunities provided by paid sites. One of the advantages of paid services is that they attract people who are more serious about long-term relationships.

What are dating sites for serious relationships:

If you live abroad, then you will be available,

For those who are looking for a partner for one night, there is no need to wander through questionnaires for dating or They can easily find a beauty or handsome on mamba or, where, according to the owners, "the most popular, completely free, unique dating sites and social networks" are collected. So, if you hope to find love and long-term relationships, if you want to get married - and this is really the main priority for you for today - it makes sense to invest money in a "serious" site. And if on the agenda - casual meetings, it is better to save money for other expenses. Therefore, it is better to decide which chinese dating site to choose first of all from this criterion.

Should I be annoyed by another stupid or offensive questionnaire?

Paid dating sites that focus on serious long-term relationships usually look more closely at the texts of their members' questionnaires. In some services there is a minimum of words for the sections "About yourself" and "About the partner", they will have to be filled in order to have your profile approved. Here you can not get away with the lowly "Hi! Ask me what you are interested in knowing, and I will answer." Here, more closely monitor vulgar or obscene vocabulary, which can not be said about free sites. You will appreciate this when you suddenly find out what the hot guys from the "adult" section write to you.

Of course, almost any american dating site does not welcome "bad boys and girls", unless he specializes in it. So, by filling out your questionnaire, you do not necessarily start receiving insulting suggestions. However, paid sites use the most sophisticated technologies to get rid of any obscenities and dirty expressions. If you are concerned about the possibility of receiving ambiguous messages, it is worth remembering this.

How long am I willing to devote to virtual dating?

Clearly decide for yourself - how many minutes or hours per day you can devote to Internet communication. Is there time to check my mail every day? Or only once a week? Think for clarity, what you will get one virtual acquaintance. Say, membership costs 30 dollars a month. It seems to be not so much, a dollar a day. But if you can find time for only 2-3 visits to the site, one meeting will cost 10-15 dollars. Without any guarantees that it will generally have an extension.

If your schedule is overloaded and you can not find free hours, perhaps it's better to limit yourself to free accommodation on a free website. In any case, until you can devote a pleasant process of getting to know each other much more time.

So, when deciding which dating site is best to choose, first determine your goals and opportunities:

  • Serious long-term relationship or easy, non-binding communication.

  • Are you ready for ambiguous offers or would you prefer not to receive them.

  • Do you have enough free time to develop dating at a distance.

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