How to marry a Canadian. National Features

With the fall of the Iron Curtain many Russian families left for Canada. Good specialists in various fields of industry and science were invited to the country. Canada attracted our compatriots not only with a high standard of living, but also because the nature of this country is similar to ours. Along with the advanced production, the Canadians managed to create beautiful national parks, to preserve untouched corners of the wild nature.

Many women today would like to marry a Canadian, especially since culture, life and laws in this country are close to European. We can offer you some serious websites for dating with Canadians, such as Fdating, Russian-Dating, Globalladies etc.

If a woman registers a marriage with a Canadian, then she needs to be ready for a long wait for the necessary documents. Legislative process of registration of documents should last no more than six months. In practice, within five months. The Canadian immigration authorities very strictly check the reliability of the relationship with the aim of revealing whether the marriage is fictitious.

First, all documents are checked, then the sponsorship procedure begins - Family Class Sponsorship. This means that the spouse-Canadian is the sponsor of the foreign wife, and all worries about the financial situation of the wife fall on his shoulders. The state does not assume any obligations. He must provide a place of residence and necessary comfort. After the checks are completed and the documents are documented in the passport, the women are pasted into the Canadian visa, and the Landed Resident Card is sent to the Canadian address of the husband, the equivalent of the American Green Card. If the Canadian spouse does not belong to the category of highly paid workers, then his wife will have to think about work. 

At first many women have to go to the factory or to the service. But knowing the language, having a diploma, and trying to confirm it leads the most persistent to getting decent work. After receiving permission from the authorities to enter Canada, a woman must undergo a medical examination from an authorized doctor and get a document in her hands. As a rule, you should not be afraid of such an inspection. Only the presence of dangerous infections or the need for expensive treatment can prevent the approval of the doctor to enter Canada. 

After some time, a woman receives a Landed Resident Card by mail. Now she can get a social and medical insurance card. A spouse of a citizen or permanent resident of Canada has all the civil rights. There are only a few exceptions: she does not have the right to elect and be elected to the authorities, she can not serve in the army, police, occupy certain public positions. The attitude of the Canadian authorities to children who are dependent on a woman from another country is pleasant. If a woman has children from a previous marriage, and they have not reached the age of 22, they can get permanent resident status, just like their mother. Students can get this right at an older age. 

National characteristics of Canadians

Canada is a country with a high standard of living. A working Canadian with an average income has a house or a good apartment, the family usually has two or three cars. The wife will have a personal car, as it is necessary for a normal life in Canada. Cars often get leased. It is very profitable and convenient. Canadians always remember that any loan can be unpaid because of sudden changes in well-being: job loss, crisis, etc. And banks are acting harshly. Therefore, Canadians take loans very carefully. In addition to real estate, Canadians like to have various deposits, participate in funded programs. But we must take into account that in Canada there are poor people. Working in a factory or factory, which, as a rule, have very modest salaries, it is difficult to buy housing, even with low mortgage rates. 

When deciding to marry a Canadian, we must clearly understand his financial situation. From talking with him in letters or when communicating with a webcam, you can understand a lot. In Canada, very high taxes. But in this country one of the most extensive social programs. In Canada, an inexpensive quality education, a very developed public sector. About medicine, we can say that it is not completely free, since all workers pay mandatory medical insurance. The foreigner, who managed to marry a Canadian, enjoys all social benefits, which are enjoyed by native Canadians, without exception. Canadians find it hard to blame for stinginess. But they can not be called spends. Repair and improvement of the house and yard, car exchange every 2-3 years - no one is sorry for the money. Our women are disappointed to learn that clothes for Canadians are not of particular interest. Famous brands do not care about them. And her husband - the Canadian will not be able to understand the exorbitant expenditure of his wife on branded goods. And to this you need to be ready. To the needs of the wife for cosmetics and clothing within the framework taken in this country, the ordinary Canadian will react with understanding. Rest is an important part of the life of Canadians. They like to travel. But they prefer their country or the nearest countries on both American continents. Traveling in Canada by private car, you will get comfortable rest everywhere. Camps, motels, boarding houses are affordable and provide excellent services. 

Family relationships are more closed than we have. To quarrel is accepted so that nobody heard from strangers. Spontaneous arrival of friends or relatives is not welcome. Our habit of "running into the light" will not find understanding there. For Canadians, a house is their fortress. Divorce in Canada lasts a long time and is associated with serious expenses for the services of lawyers for divorcing spouses. After the divorce, a Russian wife from Canada will not be deported, as sometimes our women think. But to take the child out of the country without the notarized permission of the former spouse will not work. Even if the marriage has not yet been terminated. When divorced, children often stay with their mother. But the court takes into account the financial viability of the parents. A child can leave his father if he is financially sound and can give the child the best education and education. But my father will be categorically forbidden to prevent his mother from seeing the child. If you met the man of your dreams and decided to marry a Canadian, then learn the languages (English and French), tune in to what is most likely you will have to work. But boldly embark on a journey to this distant country. There you will not be offended.

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