90% of free Israelis are registered on dating sites

The majority of Israelis are looking for life partner on dating sites, they only take seriously the questionnaire with photos, and the number of visitors to dating sites is growing every year. American research center Pew Research Center conducted a telephone survey on the use of the Internet among two and a half thousand Americans. The poll showed that 11% of Americans used dating sites or related mobile applications, 66% of them were on dates with those they met on the Internet, and 23% met via online dating of their future spouse or had serious relationships.

We were interested in the situation with the Internet dating in Israel, and asked for comments to several leading Israeli dating sites, both in Hebrew and in Russian. Leon Brodsky, the owner of the dating site in Russian RusDate.co.il, said that the site has more than 600 thousand profiles in Russian and about 200 thousand in Hebrew. In the system RusDate.co.il about 55% of men's questionnaires and 45% of women's. The average age of men on the site is 36 years, women - 32 years, but a third of users are people over 50. The site's recorders are a man at the age of 87 and a 79-year-old lady. Leon Brodsky also noted that the vast majority of users, about 70%, register on the site in order to find a partner for a serious relationship.

Daniela Perelstein, the general director of Israeli and European dating sites JDate, told our experts that every month on the Israeli site JDate 10,000 new users are registered. Perelstein also reported that the site recorded an approximately equal number of representatives of both sexes. 80% of users are from 25 to 45 years old, and 85% of users of the site have higher education. The CEO of JDate stressed that the site is intended solely for those who are looking for a serious relationship and true love. Perelstein also said that in 2017, the JDate management conducted a survey among 500 users and found that 90% of singles looking for a couple are registered on various dating sites.

Since JDate is an international company, and their sites also exist in the US and Europe, our experts asked Daniel Perelstein to tell us how Israeli users differ from American and European users. It turned out that the Israelis are distinguished by directness in communication, they are ready to move quickly to personal acquaintance and to translate relations to the next stage. It is interesting that in Israel, unlike other countries, representatives of both sexes take an initiative approximately equally.

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