20 best websites for online dating: for "green", artists, for those who have children, etc.

Internet portals for dating nowadays have become a very common place through which people really get to know each other and find each other. We offer you 20 safe and interesting resources, where you can get to know different people and those who match your interests. Websites and apps for vegetarians, art lovers, lovers of flirting, for rural residents, and not only.


This portal offers the most complete opportunity to meet the one you want, and also claims the greatest coverage of the audience. About a million registered users. It is possible that among them you will find someone with whom you can meet, go on dates, and even marry. But alas, for this it is necessary to revise a huge number of questionnaires.

My Single Friend

This place is for those who are not indifferent to the fate of a friend. If your friend, or a good friend is still one or one - leave an announcement about her on the portal. Well, or ask someone to write about you.


Try a scientific approach to love. This site will pick you a partner for character traits, as well as based on your values, your level of intelligence, and so on.

Friend Finder

Chats using a webcam, as well as on-line magazines and much more to those who are looking for a friend and partner.


The largest and largest portal for dating Jews around the world.


It started its work in 2001, and now it is the largest and most representative portal for those whose religion is Christianity.


The largest portal for dating gays and lesbians from around the world. There are also news, useful tips, as well as fashion news.

Muddy mathes

If you like the village, and village life is the portal for you. Here, farmers, agricultural workers are introduced, in general, all those who are connected with the village. And also those who live in the village.


Romantic vietnam dating portal. Allows everyone and everyone to experience a romantic journey, and share experiences with others. This place is visited every day by a huge number of visitors from around the world.

Telegraph Dating

More than 90 000 visitors. This is the place where people get to know each other for 40. It's very easy, because the system itself will offer you several suitable candidates based on your interests.


Do you want to go on dates at your lunch break? If you are in London - then it is very possible!


Find your ideal partner with the tests that will be offered to you on this site.


This portal has only one goal - that the Indians of the whole world can share their experiences in the affairs of love and marriage with their friends.

Saga Connections

The meetings are not just for young people. This mexican dating portal is designed for people from the age of 50, and in recent years this is the most popular portal of this kind for people in this age range.

Dating Vegetarian

If you are looking for a vegetarian partner - this site is for you!

Dating Direct

A huge database - 20 million users across Europe, and a countless number of different technologies and gadgets so that people in different corners of the Earth could meet.


Very popular, simple and affordable chinese dating portal.

Love Arts

Dating for those who love and appreciate art.

Dating For Parents

Portal of acquaintances for those who have children. That none of the partners are embarrassed when they hear the phrase: "and I have a child ...".

Green Singles

Dating site for those who love and appreciate nature, considers himself a vegetarian, and generally "green."

Good luck searching!

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