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How to Find a Genuine Russian Dating Site

Jul 11, 2018

As international travel becomes ever more accessible to more and more people, we’re offered more choice and variety when it comes to finding a life partner. Unlike in the past when Western men would look no further than their own back streets to find a wife, these days the possibilities are endless and many men are seeking brides from much further afield including Russia and Ukraine

What Should You Expect When Dating a Russian vs. American Woman?

Jul 11, 2018

In the Western world, many men can’t stop thinking about dating Russian women. The interest they developed towards women from Russia is down to various sources. Often, they consider it exotic to date these fine women. At times, the peculiarities of the two cultures cause men to show interest in diving headlong into the Russian dating phenomenon. There is a difference between women from these two countries, as you will see below in this article.

Navigating Wine On A Date

Jun 26, 2018

When embarking on a first date, it’s only natural that you want to impress. Many men go through the trouble of consulting their date on their tastes and choosing a great restaurant, only to let themselves down when it comes to selecting a wine. On the Russian dating scene, wine is an important part of an evening and can make or break a date.

Find Solutions To Dating Issues with

Jun 18, 2018

They say there’s a soulmate for everyone, but it’s a big, lonely world out there. Dating like our parents did, by meeting a lifelong partner on a night out, just doesn’t work the way it used to. Finding the love of your life can feel very hit-and-miss. Luckily, technology supplies new approaches, like online dating.

First Impressions Count: How Color Can Help You Date

Jun 09, 2018

No matter where, how and who you’re dating, whether that’s face to face or online, you can’t get away from that old maxim, ‘first impressions count’. As the great American writer Mark Twain said, clothes make a man, and one place where first impressions and clothes coincide is in terms of color.